Binance Publishes Cryptocurrency Stats for 2020

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Rapid allocation of the level of earned monetary forms on market appreciation for cryptocurrencies:

Bitcoin - 66%

Ethereum - 11%

Tether - 3%

Other advanced cash forms for options - 18%

Much of the spillover in the market cap of the cryptocurrency market this year can be attributed to Bitcoin as dealers mingle against the expansion causing Bitcoin to break its unparalleled highs in November and December 2020.

Here are the most important absolute visions pointed out in the report:

The market value of digital currencies has grown from $ 195 billion in January 2020 to $ 660 billion in December 2020.

Overall, Bitcoin added more than $ 300 billion to its market capitalization in 2020.

The largest 24-hour turnover in 2020 on Binance is valued at over $ 55 billion

The most popular digital exchange group for 2020 by volume at Binance:





The total stock of stablecoins expanded by about 20 billion each year 2020.

The market value of the typical bitcoin coin, called wBTC, rose from $ 4 million in January 2020 to $ 3 billion in December 2020 driven by the DeFi fever.

Explanation: “wBTC” is Ethereum-raised computerized money that is based on the value of Bitcoin.

The closed cash stimulus in the DeFi market expanded from $ 700 million to $ 15 billion throughout 2020.

2020 has become the year for anyone who buys Bitcoin to gain interest.

Non-exchangeable computerized monetary standards (NFT) have proliferated in 2020.

Ethereum 2.0 was dispatched in December 2020, which is an initial step towards the progression from mining to quantities.

Securing more than $ 1 billion in Ethereum 2.0 store contract as of December 2020.

Asia remains the predominant cryptocurrency market, reliably recording noteworthy trading volumes, followed by Europe

Insights also reveal the size of Binance's Africa globally in terms of P2P prevalence.

Areas that outperformed the rundown depend on the digital money exchange movement:

  • Asia

  • Africa

  • Eastern Europe

Decentralized exchange and the Uniswap phase:

Uniswap, the Ethereum-based decentralized exchange, is the driver behind the decentralized money craze.

The full volume of trading on Uniswap expanded from about $ 1 billion per day at the beginning of June to nearly $ 1 billion per day at the beginning of September.

Flooding in exchange through Uniswap helped push Ethereum exchange expenses to an all-time high in August.


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