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RE: My Most Shitty Investment Ever β€” How I Lost $50,000 Overnight πŸ”₯

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It is what it is. Haha!

Were you ever familiar with trevon james or cryptonick? I sometimes wonder what happened to them.

Yeah! I remember Trevon. Not familiar with cryptonick. Trevon was shilling all kinds of tokens. Was even crying sometimes? I used to see him on Twitter.

Wasn't he from Steemit?

hahah yes, he would cry sometimes and I think he did well on Steemit... you know, until people found out he was a scammer. lol

Cryptonick was a self-proclaimed 17-yr-old millionaire. He shilled all sorts of services and disappeared when bitconnect went down.

Lol @ scammer. You never know the truth! :(

And 17 + millionaire.


They might be a joke today but perhaps made their bank account thick. That's one of the thing about crypto - offers luck to the masses.