🍕 Happy BITCOIN pizza day!

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10 years ago an user called Lazlo bought 2 large pizzas for 10,000 BTC. This is worth almost 100,000,000$ today. What an amazing return if the seller still has the 40$ payed in Bitcoin now.

This has been the most famous transaction in the Bitcoin history, I am not sure if it was the first but it will be one of the firsts for sure. You can find the whole thread in the Bitcointalk forum clicking this link.

btc pizza.jpg

I did some research and I finally found who is Lazlo, a pioneer and a visionary for starting one of the most amazing movements of the human history "Blockchain value transfers". He is a software engineer and one of the most known users in the Bitcointalk forum.

This history made me think about all of our transactions on the HIVE blockchain, all of my crypto purchases, at some point in time this transactions can be one of the firsts in a new WEB 3.0 era.
This new WEB 3.0 is forming, most of the human daily activities will be monetized and the user is going to gain sovereignty over their data, which is today controlled by the big corporations that sell this information to advertisers.

For example:

-You will be payed in crypto to browse the internet: For example with BRAVE BROWSER.
-You will be payed to search information in the internet: For example with PRESEARCH.
-You will be payed to post a photo, write a blog: For example with HIVE or PUBLISH0x.

Even we can be payed for walking with Actifit. Imagine the whole new world of opportunities that this new WEB 3.0 will have. We are pioneers like Lazlo, I hope I will be on the seller part of the story and HODL the 10,000 Bitcoins instead of paying with them.

Exciting years ahead! Enjoy! 😊

By the way, this is Lazlo:


hive hive.jpg

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Who would have thought ! I hope that guys judging kept all their Pokémon cards, iPhone 1 or Atari games right !?

Today I saw a video that a Charizard pokemon card is worth 55,000$!
Can you imagine holding that?

What a smart guy he looks, isn't it?

I agree. When people call him dumb for the trade he says that somebody has to start it. Is one of the heroes!