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A month has passed since I decided to have a try on Publish0x and open a blog there.
Publish0x is a "Publish0x is a Crypto agnostic platform where both authors and readers earn in Crypto.", very similar to HIVE in the idea but substantially different because Publish0x does not work on top of a blockchain, so it is not decentralized, and it has not its own token but rewards authors and readers/curators with three different tokens instead.

Those tokens are DAI, BAT and LRC and they are used for tipping the authors. If you are a reader you can tip someone's post and receive also part of the tip... easy peasy, isn't it?

I am still understanding from which sources the rewarding pool of Publish0X is coming... it seems that, the available rewarding pool is filled from earnings of the platform obtained by advertisement services. The amount, if I am not wrong, is unknown, thought...

As I said, I did try Publish0x during the past month and everything went fine since the beginning, I mean, the signing process was very easy and clear. Then, there are certain things you have to take into account, for instance, you cannot Tip (upvote) the same author two times a day or, you have to wait for 10' between tippings...also, posts can be tipped always, there is no limit of time for a post to be rewarded as it is so on HIVE which I think it is a good advantage.
Many of the problems that we suffer on HIVE as autovoters, bid-bots, selfvotes etc... seem to be fixed on that platform is no decentralized and there is always someone(the owner) on top judging you.

As Blogging website it is quite good, you can do well if you build your network and maintain a certain level of quality.
However, it looks to me that the level of engagement in the platform is really scarce.
I have the feeling that very few people used to comment on some of the posts and that limit themselves to "tip" you without interaction.

Regarding rewards I obtained there? well, I did replicate some of the posts I did write on HIVE, basically copy-pasting myself and I managed to get


2.26 USD in crypto earned in a month from which 1.59USD have come from blogging and 0.67USD from tipping/curating.

I have to say, that most of the earnings arrived later in the month because I started to get more followers as well.


Obviously, the comparison in terms of rewards with HIVE is impossible, I am not the best blogger here and I am not an expert on curation "anymore", my style of curation is mainly on "manual mode" as it is in Publish0x but the rewards I get on HIVE are 47 times higher...


Besides, on HIVE I have more engagement, I control the way I reward people in a better manner than on Publish0x because I know the voting power I have in every moment. I can do a variety of actions in the HIVE blockchain as playing games or launch/participate on a decentralize poll.

Communities is also an advantage as a blogging platform but, on top of anything, you can develop whatever you can imagine on this blockchain.

I am going to keep posting on Publish0x, at the end of the day, it is free-money and another way of being rewarded for your content. Much, much better than the other traditional social platforms which do not reward you but use your data to do business.

If you want to give a try to Publish0x, use my referral
and I will follow you there as well so we can help us each other.

If you want to create a HIVE account, let me know and I will help you in anything you need.



Hello 👋 there !

It happened to me too that I was getting cents but at one point, one article went “vira and brought me 50 new followers. And from there I started earning a bit more.

But I am basically making c.25-30$ in July (which was by far my best month).

But I like to have BAT and LRC !

Keep it up !

wow, that's not bad at all!

I can attest what other people have already said, you need to be consistent and patient to get a following on Publish0x. I was pretty lucky as well since I got one article to be viral, but the consistency is what keeps you relevant not those one time gems you might publish.

I've been doing pretty well on publish0x and really like what the site if offering both from the perspective as a blogger and a reader. It requires some time and consistency to build up a following (I joined in November and am up to 676 Followers now there, but it's worth it in terms that you will get quite some views on your content. (unlike hive where they removed the view count for obvious reasons). Earnings on hive are still way better though but they feel more empty as they come from the 'magical reward pool' which creates quite some sell pressure keeping the price of Hive down. Earnings from Publish0x mostly are sponsored from what I understand and come from actual advertisement revenue. In that regard, it's better to compare Publish0x to Leofinance which on top also is very crypto content-oriented. I once wrote a post on Reasons why publish0x works better for blogging and how it fixes many of the fundamental issues the entire Hive model is facing. I pretty much still stand by that.

Good Luck!

Thanks for your inputs. I’m still learning how it works.

It is a nice platform for crypto-related content.

I have an account but the content looks 100% crypto-based. Not what I write about!

I am on both platforms. I am a newbie on both sites and I can attest that the amount of money that I earned on Hive is triple the amount I have on Publish0X. But, I am 15 times active on Hive. So, the earning could be on par on both sites if you engage equally. However, HIVE includes multiple dimensions to it as you have a variety of dApps where you can engage unlike Publish0x.

I will be on Publish0X as it's free money anyway.

HIVE includes multiple dimensions to it as you have a variety of dApps where you can engage unlike Publish0x
That's the point HIVE is a multiverse!

Hey @rmsadkri, here is a little bit of BEER from @toofasteddie for you. Enjoy it!

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Very interesting summary of your first month.

Thank you for sharing it with us.

Thanks to you for your support

I have tried their website a while back.
Like you said it is free money.
I need to plan my time and like you said
get the free money.
So far #hive is more commuity based
around a blockchain. That's a winner

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Not only that, also development is important. HIVE has infinite potential.

I've started using it myself, as you say it's free money - how many posts have you made?

23 or so...

I still haven't give it a try ... probably, I should.

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