EOS DeFi Space is quite active !

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Hello HODLers,

For the past 2 months I have been quite active in the EOS DeFi space. I first came because of the "no fees" policies being completely outraged by what happened on the ETH network.

EOS has been oftened laughed at due to its centralization and its first goal to be an "Ethereum killer". Well, that did not work.


But as Westerners sometimes we are too Western centric and forget that actually EOS has a lot of support from Chinese developers and communities.

I first walked into DefiBox, a one-stop shop for DeFi on EOS supported by an old and trustworthy company: Newdex.

The token has performed quite poorly but they do keep passing propasals, the community is very active on telegram for example and new features appear on a weekly basis.

At the Moment you can

  • Swap Tokens / Provide liquidity
  • Mine USN (stable coin) with your EOS
  • Stake your $BOX to earn dividends (fees of the platform). This option has recently been voted out as users / foundation believes bigger incentive for EOS/BOX LPs would mean a more stable price in the future and therefore more investors.

Here is an (old) video I made about DeFiBOX:

Soon they should implement lending / borrowing in order to generate additional income for us $BOX Holders !

I will not go on other DeFi Projects but I am preparing some videos concerning

  • Pizza.finance : Lending/Borrowing Platform developed by StartEOS team

  • Efi: Full suit of products with 3 tokens: 1. DMD = YFI style token; 2. DOP = Swap Platform token and 3. HUB = Synthetix enabler native asset

  • DFS: This project is Chinese native and I have issue to understand all the different things they created but it is definitely the most successful out there.


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➡️ UpTrennd
➡️ Read.cash
➡️ Spotify

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I have some prejudice against EOS as I believe that the project is a bit centralized and the people behind did not have nice reputation. Yet, maybe it is time to break the ice between me and EOS 😛 Jokes aside, I may check the product that you mention, thanks dear ^^

Hehe 😜, they have great working product and easy to use BUT it seems that prices almost always go down haha 😂! Be prepared 😉.

They have nice phone dapps and wallets, I was kind of surprised.

I have the same prejudice haha, it may be time to get over it

Can you point out some numbers?
Like active wallets on the platform, or value locked, liqudity etc ...

I was trying to and failed, I will come back to you.

But a lot of these DeFi platforms have >$15mn TVL

Here is a website https://www.eospayout.com/defi/ but it does not take all the DeFi space into account. But at least it gives a trend 😉

This is something ...

VIG is an interesting EOS DeFi project as well.

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It seems it is ! Which organisation/company is behind it ?

It's a run as DAO.

Yes as DefiBox or DFS but you have big players such as Newdex behind DeFiBox for example. Is VIG entirely community driven?

I have an Eos account but I can't get it to work. I'll follow your profile and see if I can learn anything about EOS.

Please do ! In any case you could always create a new one 😉

Thanks for reply

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Thanks mates