Innocent Eyes

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monkey 1.jpg


Shutter Speed 1/60
Aperture F/5.6
ISO 100
Camera Canon T3i/600D
Lens Canon 55-250mm kit lenses

monkey grid.jpg

Grid View

During My visit to Badami, I had gone to the famous four caves that the place is known for. It was a usual hot day at the rock cut cave temple and also very crowded as expected. That's when i decided to step out to get some fresh air and walked towards the balcony.

Ahead of me was the ever so Beautiful Boothnath Temple sitting right beside the vast Agastya Lake. The view was Ideal was Ideal for any landscape photographer. Then My attention went to a Monkey sitting on a nearby tree at the forest on the bank of the lake. He was just chilling at a branch and looking around. There was something about his eyes, it was full of Innocence.

The subject was perfect, The background was good, so why not take a picture right?

monkey 1.jpg


monkey b&w.jpg

Black and White


Cartoon Art by @turtledance24


Amazing picture, this monkey got big full wonderful eyes. I love them so much.
Have a nice week, hugs.

Very cute and entertaining beings.
We had one as a pet when I was kid.
Wouldn't mind having one now.
Thanks for stopping by Missy

Just welcome,
Oh it is very nice, we had one too when I was in DRC Congo.😇
Now I better like them free, in their environment just because they are more happier.