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Shutter Speed 1/50
Aperture F/2.2
ISO 100
Camera Canon 80D
Lens Canon 50mm 1.8 lens

cat grid.jpg

Grid View

That is Olive.

A cat we owned long back. We named him that because of his olive green eyes.
He was a very playful fellow and loved chasing the bugs and mice as any other normal cat would do. What he also loved is Cat food by the brand named Me-o. We generally store this in a box and start shaking the box when its time for a meal. Olive, No matter which part of the world he is in, would come running to eat his favorite meal.

So this one time I wanted to Photograph him and I opened the curtains to get some window light in. I then started shaking to the Me-o Box to get his attention and he came running as expected. He looked up with all his focus as if its the only thing that mattered to him at the moment. I had my camera in my other hand, you know what happened next.



cat B&W.jpg

Black and White


Cartoon Art by @turtledance24


He looks adorable.

I owned a cat back in 2019 but someone poisoned her and I found her dying in my backyard. I don't know how can people have such cruelty. Let karma strike back to them.

Oh! That is miserable.
So sorry it happened.

We have a lot of issues with stray dogs here.
They have killed our cats in the past

Hiting peak of cruelty

That is so sad. May its memory live on with you.

Yeah I have only few videos and pictures as memory. I really miss her.

Videos and pictures are nice. But more importantly, the cat will be within your mind, which is worth more than a thousand pictures. I also miss my cat, who was/is my best friend. It still lives happily on the other side of the world with a good friend of mine. We will always be connected on a different level of existence.

Yeah she still loves happily in the other side of the world. Pictures and videos mind get wiped out but my memories spent with her couldn't be wiped. She will always be alive in my mind

cute kitty. Good photo.

Thank You, Sayee.

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