Picture a day - portrait of a hedgehog

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Right now we live at the village, and currently have three hedgehogs hanging around -- at least, three of them included our place in their everyday foraging/scavenging check-list. We tried to take a shot a few times, but...


...you see, as they are mostly nocturnal animals, they use to come at night or late in the evening -- which is simply not fair! and do not benefit to a good photography. I tend to use only natural light, and rely on post-processing, and almost never use extra lighting or flash. A few days ago one of them -- a younger one, I guess only 1 y.o. - came early, when the magic hour still was in the air. We made him interested to stay with a plate of milk and bread, blocked the ways to retreat and - voyla! - you see the result.

location: Russian countryside July 2020 natural lighting
camera/lens: Canon 350D Tamron 60mm raw-conv.
f 2.2 t 1/50 ISO 400 ---

Very pleasant stay in the village. We can still find natural life like the hedgehog you photographed.

@rizasukma, totally agree! as I am the habitant of concrete megapolis jungle, its really a blessed holydays. I photo-hunt for mushrooms, insects, and buy farmer's milk. perfect!

Wow ... A very pleasant life. I also give a small life, which I photograph using a macro lens. Usually I take photos of insects and other wildlife.

Какой милый 😍. Мы своего тоже выпустили в деревне. Там они живут и приходят у котов воровать молоко. 😀

Какой милый 😍. Мы своего тоже выпустили в деревне. Там они живут и приходят у котов воровать молоко и косточки куриные. 😀

приходят у котов воровать молоко и косточки

это они могут, с удовольствием, хехе. ну приходят все же не днем? так что коты сами виноваты, если оставляют и недоедают.

дык да 😄

Are those three wild or tamed? I have never seen them except on TV's :D

I would like to see more of them.

of course, they are wild, @razeiv

they are funny, when they are little. after that... not foto-friendly, not much divercity. i may post a few more pics, but they will be about the same... almost.

They do like your bread and milk. Nice shot! Bdw how often do they visit there?

every evening, but we do not often notice all of them. if we didnt throw any good food today (like, bones..) in the waste, then dont stop :P

hey bro, thanks again for showing me Muslimgauze, after coming back from the wild I have a lot to catch up from the last days but promise to come back soon :)

It is rare to see the hedgehog at day time. We have a small colony living next door in the hedges around our block of flats.

well, it was not the day-day but an early evening - we captured the last sunset minutes. probably I am lucky, to get such a shot. (especially with comparison what I've left with on my hands, in the previous attempts). thanx for the comment. its a pleasure to know theres a hedgehogs colony around. you can utilize to them an organic part of your waste :P