Picture a day - Amanitas harvest

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Amanitas arrived, eventually. I awaited them for so long! A great mushroom.


location: Russian countryside August 2020 natural lighting
camera/lens: Canon 5D Sigma 50mm 1.4 raw-conv.
f 4 t 1/160 ISO 100 ---

Amanitas are very cool looking mushrooms, but you harvest them? Aren't they extremely poisonous?

speaking of these red ones, a deadly portion for one man is 5-6 full mushrooms. and they have a lot of very useful medicinal qualities to them. so -- no, they are not extremely poisonous! i never harvested them, but this time I gonna jump on them. if you are curious, FL community had a few posts with detailed info on them in the past, I can dig up the links... intrested, or just curious? @hidave


I didnt know that. I was always under the impression that theyre death incarnate if eaten. Somewhere out there is a cult that pushes their luck eating one or two amanitas at a time.

eating small dozes improve one's health, an can help with some certain diseases (the list is pretty solid!) but I am not sure about the luck, can it imptove the person's luck really?! :)
ps. as I've already said, you will not die from 2 mushrooms. this is about this certain specie of Amanita! there also exist others, and some of them are really toxic and deadly. For example, this one:


Amanita phalloides will kill your liver just in 10-15 minutes, and there is no antidote for the toxins it contains... know your enemy! and better dont pickup mushrooms if you are not 100% sure about the species... mushrooms are a tricky thing, indeed...

Это лицо в центре... как любят сейчас выражаться, криповато.

ничего не делал, как выросло - так и сфоткал. центром композиции стало безо всякого умысла, клянусь.