Picture a day - waiting for a zeitgeist

in Picture A Day2 months ago

From the series 'Animals life in the urban environment'. I cant explicit myself, why do I like this capture, its beyond reasons.


location: Russian countryside june 2020 natural lighting
camera/lens: Canon 5D 70-300mm raw-conv.
f 5 t 1/80 ISO 100 ---

Haha the only way to clean off that pigeon poop is to fire the cannon.

thats a wise observation! but, after cannon will fire, they will comeback... and more shit will fall-out :P nothing can be done, in a long term perspective

The plague of pigeons. Chicago is covered in pigeon poop as well, at least they are covering up the graffiti with their poop lol.

thats a good job for scientists: create such a pigeon-mutant, whose poop will be toxic and quite selective to dissolve/remove the graffity. they will become useful creatures then!

Just have to put some chemicals in their millet, but the side effect will be it melts human flesh too. So the Pigeons would rule the city after a while.

ho ho ho! DAMN YES!

but who will feed them with crumbs and crusts of yesterday's bread, then? their Rule will not be too long, as they might die with a hunger death!😙

The last humans in the country will stumble across huge corroded structures in the future. They will theorize that there was an atlantean civilisation that used to live there millions of years ago.

Shit happens 😉

hey, more to say; there are some theories out there... they say, all our stuff consists from a shit -- a bit less than 80-90 persent!


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