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Captured this during a short bicycle ride with my babygirl to a local pond. We met there a family with 3 boys all of them were playing with remote-controlled models of toy cars and boat. I enjoyed this plot very much. It was not a late evening but no magic hour lighting. I added some color grading during processing the .raw at Photoshop.

location: Russian countryside July 2020 natural lighting
camera/lens: Canon 350D Sigma 50mm 1.4 raw-conv.
f 3.5 t 1/1000 ISO 200 ---

Kids playing free. 😊
I'm cross posting this entry about kids in the Kidz Community.
I'm @steemean too. 😎
Have more nice days with kidz in the woods

well, I figured out you are connected (I checked the delegations). btw my daughter's blog is: @portal-xenna (but she do not post too often).
may I ask, why do you need a second account?..
and the Kidz community sounds like a cool idea! I love shooting children a lot (not necessarily my baby). they usually not scared of that and dont ask momentarily with suspicion: "Why do you take a picture of me?" :=)

Wheel I don't publish photos with my face, or, of my friends, not even my name.
@kidz is my older "twin brother" that is making things I wanted to do one year ago and I didn't know enough.
To bring kids to hive and to the Kidz Community.
And I wanted to have more votes to distribute to more new people and friends. 😊
And I'm doing it.
@steemean will keep his stuff.
Following your daughter.😊
I missed the last post. :-( .
Use the tag #kidz

i happily will use tag #kidz for appropriate stuff! i have a decent amount of pictures.

I totally understand the thing with unwilling your / your friends photos became public on internet, wrong people can do wrong things with this stuff. thats true :/ in Russia (where I live my life) the living is still more simpler (at least in some certain fields).

"twin brother' = "alter ego", right?

ps. I miss the #googlyeyes challenge... even think maybe I should try to start running it again, if the @fraenk will not surface up on the Hive..

the @googlyprize will be back... eventually ;)

hehe. 'eventually '.... I may die before that happens!


maybe you can tell me at least what is up, where are you? (I suspect -- too much work after that spring lockdown stuff?..)

forks and quarantines and family emergencies... I've been dealing with a lot of changing circumstances lately...

the bunny and the kitten stuff is alive... the googlyeyes account is loaded with liquid hive... should only be a matter of a few more stretchy bendy weeks

been dealing with a lot of changing circumstances

I suspected that. ok, happily look into the future now! (btw I am a jobless since 1 january, so, have some circumstances too..) but probably you will not see me in discord jury till september, meanwhile I will keep the photos ;P

Hi @fraenk, nice to see around. That's great.
Come back when you are OK and having fun with it.😊
Difficult this times.
Hehe I'm @steemean with this user to create the Kidz Community.
I'm lucky I'm having fun

Yes @kidz is for my dream to have more kids around, a play garden on Hive.
I asked @fraenk and they answered soon..ish, but it was more then one month ago.
I feel sad because it was the best contest on Hive. :-(
Hi @fraenk more people screaming for #googlyeyes. 😊
Covid was bad, hope the contest to come back soon.

Fraenk just showed up in comments to this comment, which makes me more optimistic! he need to settle a lot of duties this sprint, and he promised -- soon everything will be in its right place!

meanwhile, let me acquaint you with

she is a very intresting kid from... Akapulko? knows 4 languages!
I got acquainted with her just yesterday, when I was checking posts to the ALphabet Hunt challenge. her post looked amazing to me - better than some grown-ups did...

by the way! I agree, googlyeyes challenge had one of the most pleasurable content on the Steem, but. have a close eye on the #AlphabetHunt challenge, by @barbara-orenya. it is SO MUCH FUN! and simple as it is: one have to find six things starting on a certain letter, and share pictures. on weekly basis. it is very CREATIVE challenge. I really advise you to jump on it! well, of course it you have free time... currently we are on letter 'M' this week.

all the best!

located the community and subscribed to it! a great idea, to make such a place, you have my support on it.

Thank you for joining the Kidz Community and for your support. 😊

wow! someone here is listening and the hands is on pulse :) @fraenk, I do not use discord since i am on the summer vacations and use my wife's notebook.. would be great to hear from you smth

Great shot!!!

@trincowski, haha! the shot was so-so, processing added the most the cream 8-)

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живой кадр!

Nice place for children to play! Very green and natural!