My Best Picture For the Day: A Gardenia in my Garden

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Hello there! This is my first post here ang I hope you like it.

We call this Rosal in our own dialect. It's one of my favourite flowers because of its purity look and fragrance. I had been waiting for her to bloom that I was so happy upon seeing it after 2 years!

This photo was taken in my garden using my mobile Xiaomi Redmi 9T.

Thank you!



Fave ko din yang Rosal Sis super bango talaga, hanap ako yong buhay na or may ugat para sure mabuhay. Wala pa ako nyan sa garden eh.

Ang ganda naman ng bulaklak ate..

The perfume of flowers is a cupid's arrow that appears at inopportune moments and in plain sight, always on target - for this aroma, this fragrance, awakens the memories that my soul has been keeping hidden.