Flowers at My House: Have Not Idea Of This One's Name || Picture A Day

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Pretty in Fuchsia...

Continuing with my daily pics (ok is just day 2) lets see how long i will keep this going.... today's i tried i really really tried the rule of 3rds that @monster-one told me about but... as you can see i fail miserably, I had my baby stuck like a leach to me so that didnt help but i just needed to take a picture today to keep the momentum going or i would lose this daily pic goal that i have in my head lol. Anyways I will try again tomorrow.

This flower i dont know its name is really pretty she opens up on the late afternoon and in the morning you can see it like she is dying or something and then by the next afternoon she will be ok like nothing happen again she is crazy like that lol.

As for the technical stuff I will just say I took this with my phone a Samsung J7 Neo and that is all I know because I don’t know about iso or openings or whatever the other stuff is lol.

Hopefully tomorrow i can take a better picture to share here.

As always, thank you very much for reading me and
I hope to read your comments!

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”Are you a Mom?”


to your cat you are!

I don't know the name of the flower, but I think my mom has one of them, tomorrow I'll ask her if she knows the name, it looks nice.

tengo tantas flores aqui que no se sus nombres jajajajaja creo que ese seria un ost muy bueno identifica la flor.

Me encantan las flores, en el jardín hay muchas risas, tal vez las comparta a ver si te gustan, hay rosas, rosadas, amarillas, todas hermosas, como esas que pusiste.

claro!!! me encanta ver las flores lo que no me gusta es mantenerlas eso es trabajo de mi suegra jajajajajaja compartelas ohhh podemos hacer un tema de posts de flores que tengamos en nuestras casas o algo asi

Vale,me gusta la idea! Y tampoco me gusta mantenerlas 🤭 se me mueren, ya aprenderé, tal vez de señora mayor me guste cuidarlas.

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Es muy parecida a, allamanda cathartica predominantemente amarilla pero tambien en fucsia, si es una planta como arbusto trepadora en forma de liana esa es sin duda.

fijate que 50 mil años después es que veo tu comentario porque soy asi ps jajajaja no se si es como un arbusto ya que esta aun pequeñita en el porron interesante le dire a mi suegra al respecto.