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Hey there... It's another post about street side local wet market. Fortunately in this country, street side marketing is everywhere; wherever I turn, I'm bound to find a several stalls grouping together selling provisions. I guess that is indeed the way of life here.

Last weekend, I decided to visit another local wet market - approximately 20 minutes walk away from my apartment. It's located on Cô Giang Street; parallel to Võ Văn Kiệt Street which is where my apartment is located. Whenever I'm on my way to work, I shall pass by this street and have always thought of visiting it but the thought of walking in the hot sun doesn't really appeal to me. Until, last weekend when I had gotten up early in the morning (5.30am), instead of lazing on bed, I decided to get my butt up and do a bit of walking.


This is one end of the street and as you can see some shops are still not opened yet while others are laying their goods on the streets for passerby to buy. Looking at the lady on the bicycle reminds me of my earlier weeks of fascination of wanting to buy a bicycle. You can read more about that whole experience HERE.


This is the other side of the street where there is more traffic and from where I stood there were more shops opened and in front of these shops were the street side markets. I couldn't stop in front of them to take photos as the traffic was building up. Walking further ahead, I found more stalls with vegetables & fruits placed on baskets and lined up on the streets. People would come and buy from them. If I were to compare the prices from this market with the one near my apartment, it is a bit more expensive but definitely more variety.

Street market in front of Vietin Bank


This is an actual shop selling vegetables which is rare to find since street marketing is the THING here. I bought some lettuce and cucumbers from this lady before moving on. I'm glad that I finally visited Cô Giang Street; at least I know what they have on this street and the expected prices.

More fresh vegetables to buy

This is an inspiration from Denise @dswigle to join the #MarketFriday Challenge! If you haven't followed her yet; please do so now as she is one of those genuine encourages with a true heart and soul to support people on HIVE!

This is the one tag and weekly challenge that I try to make a point to join; not to mention that I'm also a fanatic when it comes to sight seeing or shopping in any form of market - indoors, outdoors, food, textile, accessories and etc.

It is always interesting to see the different markets around the globe!
There's so many different cultures and beauty in this world and the more we travel and open up our eyes, the more we gain.

It's easy to participate :

  1. Go to the market! Any market will do! Food, Clothing, Plant or Animal, if you wish. You can go to the zoo or an art auction. Anywhere or anything that you pay money for a service.
  2. Take pictures! Be creative (or not)
  3. Tell us a little bit about the market, what brought you here?
  4. Post the picture(s)
  5. Don’t forget to hashtag it! #MarketFriday by @dswigle
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Nice post! I used to live in Nha Trang. Where is this market in Viet Nam? As well I used to live in Penang as seems you are Malaysian? I learned enough Vietnamese to be able to bargain in the markets hehe... I loved the avocados as they are quite expensive in Thailand where I normally stay... Now I'll read about your bicycle experience as I'm a cyclist myself...

Thanks @chrisinphuket
This market is in District One, Saigon pretty near to where I'm staying now.
And yes, I am Malaysian but working in Vietnam now since last year. I haven't to bargain yet but understanding how much everything cost is the best I can do for now. At least, I know that to survive here :)
Fruits are exceptionally affordable when in season especially when it cannot be imported out.
I ate so many avocados until I got a bit sick of it. Now moving on to other cheaper seasonal fruits.
With the economy and expected global recession, I really have to take care of how much I spend daily.

How's things in Thailand? I heard it's also very strict now

Ah yes District One is lovely. I went to the War Museum. So different than the rest of HCMC. Things are good in Thailand. No not strict at all now. Just the economy is way down and people are suffering economically. But they will survive!

That's the least crowded street in Vietnam I've ever seen, but of course the early morning has a few hours of mild traffic.

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How affordable is it to live in Vietnam? What would be a decent living cost for a single person there?

I am so happy that you have explored every street in sight! Cô Giang Street looks pretty busy and there is no lack of produce there! I am constantly amazed at how much there is and how many different places you can choose to buy.

I guess that is what is keeping the prices down also is the fact that there is so much competition! And the best part is everything looks like it was just picked out of the field before they got there! I am so envious!!! :) Another great post!! So much I want to thank you!I appreciate the love and support you are giving to #MarketFriday! I feel like the more the merrier. We have such a great group here and I encourage you to scroll through a few here and enjoy them as they will enjoy yours. There are so many challenges here on Hive and it warms my heart to see that you chose to be a part of this one. It is people such as yourself that made it into such a successful challenge! It takes a lot of effort and thoughts to put together a post for the #MarketFriday challenge. I know this first-hand and so, again, it is appreciated. Thank you again for being a part of all this! I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Fridays are all about the #MarketFriday Challenge! Looking to take part in it? Here is how:

How to Participate:

Go to the market! Any market will do! Food, clothing, plant, or animal, if you wish. You can go to the zoo, an art auction, and restaurants. Anywhere or anything that you pay money for any kind of service.
Take pictures! Be creative! It’s fun!
Tell us a little bit about the market, what brought you here?
Post the picture.(s)
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