Rabbit Ear Cactus 🐰🐇 (Opuntia Microdasis)

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Rabbit Ear Cactus 🐰🐇 (Opuntia Microdasis)


Not too foreign to friends who read and see this post, this is a type of ornamental plant and we often see it in the yard of the house.
In addition to looking very beautiful, we can also use this type of ornamental plant for natural remedies that are highly nutritious for the skin or hair.
I will not discuss the benefits of this cactus but I will discuss about the physical and the procedure for planting (care/cultivating) of these types of plants only.
Regarding the benefits and uses, I will discuss it on another occasion, because it requires an in-depth study first. This is because here we have to give birth to writing without any redundant sources.


I will discuss the procedures for cultivating this type of ornamental flower plant, which is clear that we have to buy the seeds in a place closest to us, or ask for seeds from our neighbors.
Then we plant or sow the seeds , just like sowing other types of seeds , with suitable soil and water according to what is needed .
Of course the required soil must have a little sand mixture. Let it grow fast and be protected from wild insects eating it.
That is the first step in the procedure for cultivating this cactus. And then if it has grown and we move it into the appropriate pot.
Because when we sow the first seed, it's certainly not just one cactus seed.
In the context of further care, we must place the sun's rays on the face of this ornamental plant.
And I can also add, don't be in the open, if it rains the water should not stagnate in the pot, if this happens, then this type of ornamental plant will wither and can even cause death,
That's my little description of the procedure for cultivating this cactus, and adding material can be admin, or the moderator who is here to add it.


Next I will write about the physique of this plant


As we can see in the picture that this type of plant is very dangerous for children, we must place it in a slightly higher place.
The thorns on this cactus are very dangerous, if our children hold them, this is something we must take care of, so that things don't happen that we don't want.
Regarding other physical characteristics, it is very clear that the leaves are like rabbit ears, this is very clear and in accordance with the title and reference according to the pictures we see.


Regarding its shape, I estimate it is around 50 to 65 cm, sometimes more and also less, this really depends on the place and temperature of each area.
Meanwhile, I also wrote down the stem which is about 7 to 14 cm long and about 3 to 9 cm wide, this is also the same, it could be more or it could be less, depending on the existing temperature.
Regarding the thickness of these leaves, I can estimate about 1 to 2 mm, and this also depends on the place of breeding.

Scientific classificationedit

Species:O. microdasys

Source Scientific classificationedit
Ket : I took only Scientific Classification as the source, while for the second description, the picture is the result of my observations according to the picture.

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