Super Beautiful Ornamental Plants (Begonia fimbristipula)

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Greetings to all , beautiful days continue to bring us to work together to continue exploring the beauty of nature in the context of the Beauty of the Universe It is very interesting for us to discuss it .

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Plants Similar to Natural Bulbs

This is what I will publish next, and this is a species that is not too foreign to ornamental plant lovers.

I again found this beautiful flower pot that contains high natural, and as I've read in an article on natural,

One of the raw materials for tea is this type of plant, but I will not discuss too long regarding natural, because my knowledge about it is very minimal.

As I have posted several previous posts, I discuss only the physical form and the facts and data according to the existing image.


What you see, that's the details of my explanation, giving scientific information is in accordance with what I see in terms of physical all types of plants.

This type of plant is only about 6 to 7 mm in diameter, in my opinion, observing this type of ornamental plant is oval before blooming I estimate 2-6 to 1-3 only, this is the size I parked at a glance By matching the picture and I saw it directly in the pot, when photo shoot.

The continuation I wrote below the picture, my information about this is little and maybe less, this is because this type of plant is very rare here (Indonesia). Only a few areas treat and cultivate this type of ornamental plant.


Besides being very rare in my country, the type of flower is very beautiful with three mixtures seen in the picture, namely the color pink mixed with white and the pollen is yellow,

These three colors are very good and the mixture is really very serene Like the cries of the longing reeds (That's about it).


This flower's petals are split in four, the leaves of this quadruple are pink, and the pollen is split in half, with a light yellow color.

This type of ornamental plant is very much divided into groups due to cross-breeding carried out by ornamental plant cultivators,

On the other hand, there are types of plants that can be made as raw materials for pure tea,


As you can see the shape of the paddle is shiny and smooth, and the edges are very sweetly carved,

The type of hair from this leaf is very smooth and when touched by the hand, a little itching (this type of leaf is dangerous)

Therefore, if we cultivate this type of plant, it must be far from the reach of children.

This is the shortcoming of this type of ornamental plant, and I have proven my statement by holding it after the photo shoot.


The stem of this flower is also very sweet and shiny like a candle, but it looks very slippery when I hold it.

The length of the stems of this flower is mixed in size, and the size of the stem is only about 1 mm, the size of the branched carvings is very elegantly visible.


Next to the outer leaf stem, it is also small hairy and the size of the leaf stem is about 3.5 mm, this is larger than the flower stalk.

The color of the outer leaf stem is like cigarette ash, it is opaque and has small hairs, this fur is also itchy when held.

The last one is in the image below and there are two images below that will explain a little below it.


The stem base of the roots looks shiny, slightly brownish in color and has a slight dark red color, and is shiny,

The shape is very similar to the stem of the flower and looks very scattered.

This size is according to its growth and where we cultivate it, if the pot is large, Maja may also stem from the roots too.

The size of what is seen in this pot is the size of a medium candle, and if we hold it it is very oily and slippery,

This is my scientific explanation, according to the facts that I saw when I immortalized it.


Hopefully this one post can be useful for other nature lovers and I'm waiting for confirmation in the comments column below.

Scientific classificationedit

Klad:core eudicots
Spesies:Begonia fimbristipula

Source Scientific classificationedit
Ket : I took only Scientific Classification as the source, while for the second description, the picture is the result of my observations according to the picture.


My last picture is a pot of this ornamental plant, the distance I took is about 1 M from the flower pot.

See you in a very interesting nature for us to explore next ...

I am flattered if there are comments under this simple post ...




I have this one. But, it died 😑😥


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