Botanical Garden Tours - #027 : Polygala Myrtifolia - The Myrtle-leaf Milkwort

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Hello lovely Steemians !


Welcome to another day of the Botanical Garden Tours. Today I want to present to you the Polygala Myrtifolia, also known as the Myrtle-leaf Milkwort.


The Polygalia is an beautiful evergreen flower that is native to the South Africa. Nowadays the overall genus of the Polygala features more than 600 different species. It grows in shrubs that can get as high as 1.5 m and also as broad as 1.5 m. They blossom near the whole year, from April to October. This makes the Polygalia an ideal plant for keeping as an eye catcher in your garden.


This plant actually likes the direct sun and prefers higher temperatures, preferably around 20 to 25°C, but they are also are capable to withstand temperatures of 0°C for a finite time of of 5°C during the whole winter time. They also do not like soils that are to wet and tend to take serious damage if their roots are kept for a longer time. They even prefer a spoil that consists of at least 20% sand. They are really economical regarding watering.


The leaves are relatively thin and oval shaped and remind of look like needles. Those are usually around 50 mm long and 15 mm broad. They are growing in an alternate fashion.



The flowers petals are extremely beautiful- They have a pink or purple color that can ranges up to clearly white at some spots. A secial feature of the petals is the characteristic brush-like fascicle at the end. The petals are even known to close during the night.



The name "Polygala" is an interesting one. It translates to "much milk". This derives from the thought that cows, that are eating the plant since are stimulated to production more milk. The species is also known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties.


As always I hope that you enjoyed my Botanical Garden Tours. Thank you for your time and see you next episode ^^

All pictures were taken by myself, ©@adalger, with a Huawei P30 Mobile Phone. For information gathering I mainly used Wikipedia.

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Hi @adalger that flower is beautiful, the bright purple gives it a lot of life, it looks like an exotic plant, could it be a family of orchids? It has a certain resemblance to them. Greetings, nice to read you.

Actually they are quite far away from orchides. The only thing they have in common, regarding to classification, is that they are in the clade of the angiosperms, which are the flowering plants in general ^^ but actually this special species of the Polygala looks really similiar to orchides.. Also the family of the Orchidaceae (orchides) are native everywhere in the world. The family of the Polygala is only there in South Africa 😉

I understand, they are beautiful, thank you for complementing the information, greetings.

You are welcome 😁

Beautiful plant, very good explanation. We continue to learn from this world that offers so much goodness, beautiful color @adalger

Thank you ^^ .. This was such a beautiful one, and also very suitable and easy for the garden, that I found it a great post for the #botanigalgardentours ;)

Real nice post, beautiful pics!

Thank you very much ^^ I am already thinking about the next entry.. Cant deside between two possible ones 🤔

What a beautiful plant. It's lovely to learn so much about it and not only enjoy it's beauty!

Thanks ^^ .. I was always a fan of adding explanations to all my posts. I also have kind of a fable for educating, haha 🤣

Nice flowers photography.

Thank you @kamrunnahar ^^ .. The botanical gardens still have so much more there to present to all of you .. It is so much fun to walk there and keeping an eye open for a new one every day 😁

Hi @Adalger

I see your picture is very bright with a glossy purple color, but there ... there are 2 drops of water above and below ... I really like that moment, you take the picture perfectly by hand.

I have to use a tripod, if I take pictures like that
glad to see it

hilsen @sultan-aceh

Hey there @sultan-aceh !

thanks for that compliment ^^ When I saw those drops I was totally happy as they make this flower even more beautiful in a way. Luckily I have very quiet hands ;) This proves to be very profitable in photography, hahaha ^^

hehehehehhe hai..@adalger

You laugh so big ... hahahahha

if I don't use a "tripod"
my hands tremble often now,
Moreover, the camera is a little heavier ... fortunately ... we photograph flowers, if I photograph birds ... often birds fly quickly.


Flowers are really great as photo motives. If there is no wind we have as much time as needed 😎 .. I found that fungi are great too ;) .. With birds I was never too lucky so far also 😜 .. But we can leave this to the Feathered Experts 😉

yes .. sometimes, the wind can make the image is not good, when we aim at the object.

Wonderful pictures, I like Polygala Myrtifolia flower and especially the color.

Oh yes, th ey are great ^^ .. I already planned the next entry, but the one after that I try to find another one with that colour for you 😉

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Wow, thank you very much for appreciating my #botanigalgardentours 😍

Now I have jotted the name down and will visit my local nursery to see if I can source one for a special little place in the garden.

Lovely bloom and like most African plants is water-wise and not scared of the hot sun, nice find @adalger I don't think I have seen one..


Hehe 😁.. I knew you will love that one and I hope you will get a nice one for your garden 😉

Most definitely will look for it, love the feathery finish on the petals.

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Beautiful flowers with lovely colors! Their shapes are amazing. The information you provided is interesting. Thanks so much for sharing. ;)

Hehe, thank you ^^ .. Those is for sure a fancy one. I really loved that little brush at the end. It looked so unique 😉

You're welcome! I love that little brush at the end, too. ;)

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