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A fisherman child who is playing in one of the city's reservoirs has several small fish that are always caught and then released into the Keuramba (fish farming container) which is not far from the location where he is looking for small fish.

What did he do? And is he playing? What is he actually doing?

For children who are still in elementary school, especially residents of the village of Pusong Lama Lhokseumawe Aceh, the activity that you see in the picture is a phenomenon that is commonly seen in this area.

Since the occurrence of Covid19 this year, which began last March, all human activities have been stopped by the government, this purpose is reasonable to stop the spread or break the chain of spread of Covid19 that is hitting every country in the world.

No exception as important as human work, the government has succeeded in carrying it out through the cooperation of each party, in essence any activity which is mass gathering is not permitted, including teaching activities of any educational institution.

Finally, the children did not carry out learning activities at their respective schools, the teachers tried to teach by providing distance learning material via smartphones owned by each student. This activity if in the Indonesia area is called "DARING".

Even though there are positive impacts from this activity, there are some negative things or if you talk about education it will have fatal consequences in terms of their daily fun especially for children living in coastal areas.

Based on the author's observations, it is seen that in the last few months, especially for fishermen's children who are on the beach there is something very worrying about the importance of education for early childhood children or children who are still in elementary school. Even though the activities that have been carried out and expected by everyone will run smoothly. However, there are things that we don't want about the development of their education so far, why?

Because the knowledge they should receive is not well realized. This is influenced by their inactivity in learning so that a lot of time is wasted on children, what they should learn is precisely what is happening today, childrens play a lot with their own environment.

The activities of children in coastal areas during their absence from school during the Covid19 period were in coastal areas, especially the village of Pusong Lama Lhokseumawe Aceh.

Often negligent (played) throughout the day in the Pusong Reservoir area

As you can see in the picture in this post, a fisherman is playing with a fishing gear made with makeshift tools to take small fish in the reservoir area, then the small fish will be released into Keuramba (fish cultivator container).

At first glance, it can be seen that this child is helping his parents in these activities even though his parents did not ask him, but what we need to discuss is that the time these children have is wasted, he does the task all day long, with his own preference because he doesn't there is time to do or receive knowledge from a teacher, this is due to the termination of the teaching and learning process which is not known when it is finished.

This fisherman child really likes to play with small fish because he thinks it is very fun, but they do not know that the education they should have received and that their rights as students have been lost so far.

This fishing boy is very good at trapping fish with some of his little techniques that can be said to be an expert in this field, but unfortunately they are absent in understanding mathematics, biology, social science and several other important sciences that must be embraced or embraced and mastered in building himself or building his country and some other duties when they grow up.

They do not know that in the future they have to replace their parents in everything, if they do not have their own knowledge in carrying out all the tasks they are given, they fail to manage all the affairs of their country or anything else, if this situation continues every year it will give birth a generation that deserves and does it and doesn't understand how to organize things in their country. Then you will experience something that you really don't want.

Has nature changed its state? Is nature no longer magical or is nature no longer friendly to humans? This issue is our collective duty to do something from each of us and we ourselves can answer it, then is Covid19 also called Amazing Nature? Who can change the habit into suffering into happiness.

We really expect something from the creator to change this situation to the previous state. We really like to see children having fun, running with their friends in the school area, seeing them ask their teacher while showing their hands up about something they don't know.

Oh ... Covid19 pass quickly, we want to see our children learning and laughing happily with their friends, we want to sit together and have fun with friends. Hurry up and go because you have been with us for a long time. You already know us, so go away ....

We want to be with this beautiful nature, according to its name, which is "Amazing Nature".

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Great reminder of a really sensible topic here @ashaf ! .. We should all be more aware of what is happening in this world .. But apart from it, children actually do not need all this plastic or battery driven toys, especially not gaming consoles or whatsoever. Nature alone provides us with everything we need for playing, learning about the environment and also for forming social interactions. Thank you very much for this great post ! .. I am going to forward you to the AN-OCD channel with this one ^^

It is very true, my friend, what you said, your writing remembers me when I was in the faculty, because the incident is exactly what you said. Thank you very much for your visit to my blog. Have a good day @adalger :-)

Thank you @ashaf ^^ I wish you an amazing week ahead too ;)

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