The Cannonball Flower Tree !!

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The Cannonball flower grows on a soft woody tree , this tree can grow up to 35 meters tall and produce up to 1,000 flowers a day when in full blooming season.




The flower itself has petals about 5 cm long with amazing colors of either yellow or red on the outside and crimson or lilac on the inside one extraordinary beautiful soft flower as elegant and pretty as a orchid flower.




The Cannonball Flower Tree originates from northeastern South America these spiral twisted branches that grow out of the tree trunk holds the flower and the cannonball fruits the fruit this tree bears can be up to about 25 cm in diameter and they look like a rusty cannonball hanging of these spiral twisting branches.






This actual cannonball fruit is edible and the one tree can produce up to about 150 of these cannonball fruits were as the smaller fruit can hold about 60 seeds the larger of the fruit can hold up to 550 seeds also the shell of this fruit like a coconut shell can be used to make utensils.




This is one of the most unusual flowers i have ever seen and also a interesting flower as it has two sets of stamens the typical fertile stamen that produces pollen capable of pollinating other flowers and the fodder staminodes which produce the non-fertile pollen that is amazing nature for you.






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I know this flower because the Thai name of this flower is same my Junior high school’s name. I heard that if the flower fall down on your head you will be lucky. 😆 😝

It is a beautiful flower first time i see it is in Thailand next time i stand under the tree and wait for the flower to fall on my head but if cannonball fall on your head you die...hehe 😂 😂

I see this flower for the first time.

And it is a beautiful flower yeah it is not a common tree to see not many of these trees around.

Me to i saw it the other week walking around a temple in Bangkok such a lovely looking flower.

Oh, Bangkok! I would like to see 😊

I have been here nearly 4 months now and loving it so much to see and do what part of Asia are you from @ssygmr ?

I am Turkish and I live in Turkey. Turkey is a beautiful part of the world love to get there some day , i thought maybe you were from the Philippines but i was wrong 😊

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The cannonball flower tree is quite remarkable looking with both its weird round balls and the softly colored flowers. The blooms remind me of a Venus flytrap plant trying to be incognito posing as a dainty, feminine bloom! @bigsambucca 🌸🍃🌸

Thank you @ninahaskin it was a really remarkable tree to see and i love your description i had to have a chuckle just imagining that 😂

Glad I conjured up a humorous image and made you laugh!🤣

Gorgeous bloom and interesting tree with offer of edible fruit, never seen nor heard of this.

Flowers are especially unique in looks and colour, interesting in having two stamens, well done on this entry.


Really is a interesting tree with all them snake looking branches winding of the trunk yet it has such a beautiful flower , i had heard that Thailand had these trees around Bangkok but thought i would never see one and i was so happy to see this one.

Always exciting to see something you had heard so much about, being able to identify, photograph knowing what you were looking at.

That is so true and i did leave happy seeing this beautiful flower one i will never forget the beauty of this wonderful flower 😉

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Thank you @joanstewart much appreciated 😊

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Thank you @hangin first time i have seen one of these flowers really a beautiful flower.

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