Winter Icelandic landscapes

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Good Thursday evening guys,

After being busy with new house, I got another thing on my back. I was called back to work after about a year without going into the office, except of few days. Look like our management finally see the light at the end of tunnel for our hotel business and hopefully we will be operating back close to normal soon. Now that I am working I have even less time for Hive which reflects on my publications.
I hope I will get use to the situation quickly and will be able to adjust to it, leaving enough time to say hello at least couple of times a week.
I have to say I am really happy by the response I receive from my followers as comment count on my last post came close to 50! That is a very big achievement for me and I am really happy for that. At that point, I would also like to apologize as I am not always the fastest with replying. I will do my best not to be days late anymore. Thank you one more time for all the engagement under my posts and for all the support I receive, especially from @ocd curation team from all the communities under their incubation program.

Today I will share different Icelandic view in comparison to the one I shared 11 days ago to Amazing nature community. At that time I shared my photos when I visited Iceland last summer, but now it is time to see how it looks in the late winter period, February 2017.
You will be able to see a big difference in the landscape and you can decide which one you like better. I would probably choose winter edition if I would only choose based on photography. I am really proud on this photography series and I am considering it as my top one beside South American one which part of it you also already know. Hope you will enjoy in it as well and wish you all nice rest of the week.












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It is always nice to see you stopping by @ackhoo!

Just one word... "Sublime". It reminds me of my trip in Iceland back in 2008 during winter. It always seems strange to me when I see Icelandic landscape with green grass!

Green just somehow doesn't fit the best with Iceland. The name itself has the word ice in it :)

hello dear friend @ crazy-andy good afternoon
Excellent news, it is good that little by little things are accommodating as they should be, seeing the end of the tunnel is a very good sign.

what beautiful photographs you show us on this occasion, I appreciate very much that you did

I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid afternoon that you enjoy it a lot

Thank you very much for such a positive comment!
I am happy to see other people enjoying my photos.

Good afternoon, what beautiful photo! By the way hope that the hotel business will get better soon.

Thank you!
I am sure it will be better soon!

Damn, those are some lovely shots. I feel ya, going back to work has thrown my posting routine all out of whack.

First of all thank you for the compliment about shots published. I like these series a lot and I am happy if such a good photographer as you stop by and write some encouraging words.
For the second part, it is everything turned on my head right now, but it will get back to the routine part sooner or later...

Great shots. Love these!

Thanks mate, appreciate that!

The photos are stunning, I was impressed by the image of the lonely house in the middle of that snowy mountain.

Great eyes!
You could easily missed it :)

Beautiful landscapes, it almost looks as if it would be from another planet. Good that work is finally coming back, I am planning to travel as soon as possible so maybe I will stay in that hotel where you work?
I am new to hive, but what I think is missing here is some kind of a marketplace with real world assets like holiday homes and services like barbers etc. I would be totally willing to pay with HBD for almost anything I can get in the real world. Also since we are all scattered over the entire globe there is plenty of possibilities.
Sorry for posting this under your post but I think the more influential Hiveans see this reply the better!
I also have a question about the curation team:
Is there a way to get in the curation team? And how does it work? I am a photographer and filmmaker, and hold a bachelor of art and design in multi media art. And I love pasting through work :)

I often say the same for Iceland. Land from another planet!
If you are comming to Slovenia, make sure to contact me. I will get you great deal for accommodation and be at your disposal for any help with researching the city.

If you ask me, we are still at the begining with Hive and whole crypto World, looking big picture. Who knows what future holds...

No problem, feel free to ask questions here on Hive. The more you will engage with others, the better your chances are to be accepted throughout. Same is with curation. You have to be invited by some member who sees your good work and he suggest you to become a member as well if there is need for help.
Hard work pays off!
I will monitor you and hopefully your Hive journey will be full of success!

Thanks! I will contact you, and thank you for your answers :)

beautiful views! Thanks for sharing

Thank you for stopping by!

Wish this country was closer to me. But in that case it wouldn't be so exotic :) Great stuff as usual from you @crazy-andy .

Well kind of true...
You are more for a motor ride, so Iceland is not ideal, but I am sure if you would like to see it, you will find a way.

This is literally my dream place to visit. I hope next year we can travel because I've planned a summer trip there. The photos and landscapes are amazing!

It is a dream place of many...
I am blessed I had possibility to visit twice, both summer and winter.
I am sure you will enjoy there. Landscape is out of this World...
Can't wait to read you travel blog from there!

Heh it's going to be awhile until I can write a blog about it. 😀

We appreciate your work and your post has been manually curated by @tinta-tertuang on behalf of Amazing Nature Community. Keep up the good work!

Thank you so much once again!

Beauty of soft landscape in warmer months gives a feel of remoteness, last photograph sums up the bitter cold winter.

Moods in nature defined in change, excellent photography as always @crazy-andy


Some like Iceland in green, other preferes some ice on the photos. Both way it looks stunning in my opinion.

Thanks for always checking my blog!

Mid-winter to see the Northern lights would be a dream come true!

Although the long days during summer always a treat, except if they have mosquitoes they eat me wherever I go....

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Awesome shots man. Such amazing locations.


Thanks Wes,
I am happy to impress you with photos :)
It would be great to see your photos from that place!

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Dear @crazy-andy

It is quite good to see you return back to work. Sometimes the nature of ones work can be quite demanding that it gives less time to do others work. Hopefully I will keep seeing your publications on hive

Yours, Piotr

Thank you for your nice and kind comment.
Yes, it is important that we begin to work slowly again...

And you can count on me publishing new stuff here on Hive.

Have a great Sunday!

Stunning sceneries, superb work as usual 👌

I like the shade to violet/purple of some photos.

Such an amazing destination! It is easy to create good photos there :)