Cucumber Leaf Parade

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Leaves can be very interesting and if you can see the beauty in them, you can find a bunch of interesting looking leaves, no matter where you are. I've been watching the garden since this spring to see which leaves can be subject to my photo shoot, although I have always known which would be the best.


And that is none other than the cucumber leaf. I'm not an expert and obviously have limited knowledge (limited to the region where I live), but so far there's none like this one.

These young cucumber leaves are not only like zigzag , but are hairy as well.


This is how the new shoot starts. It's a bunch of green and hairy something, you can't even distinguish how many leaves are there. Then as the leaves grow, they lose the hair gradually, but not entirely. Even when the leaves are big, they are pretty prickly.


This is still in the very early stage, looks like a skein, with a little ring on top of it. That ring like something is the arm, with with the plant is holding onto anything available. We're using a plastic net to help them hold themselves, but these little arms alone are not enough, so we're using clips to help them, or strings.








Bigger leaves are not so fun. The shape of the leaf is nice, this one one the photo is close to perfection, but compared to the tiny ones, it's nothing special.

These young leaves grow after the hail storm, so these were not affected by it.

This is all I can show you about cucumber leaves. It's the best one so far, but my plan is to do a series after I've collected enough photos.

Raspberry leaves are also fun, I have to do a photo shoot tomorrow morning, when the light is not so strong, so I'll be back with another post shortly. Till then, tell me if you have any preferences, any leaves you like.



It amazing I had cultivated cucumber vines before and know the joy

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I'm planning to start my winter crops

Cucumber leaves are like beautiful flowers that give joy to lovers,I like that.

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I agree with you on that.

I love that you found beauty in something often overlooked! I wish my cuc plants looked that nice. I am fighting pests and we too had an extensive hail storm recently that damaged my garden plants. Looking forward to your raspberry pictures.

I'm sorry to hear you're dealing with hail storm and pests too. It's not nice and quite frustrating, but these things happen.

I see beauty in everything since i started drawing. Before that I was kind of blind, so to speak. Now I'm paying attention.

Good luck with your garden and check put my raspberry post I published yesterday.