A nice surprise - Spergularia rubra

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This was a very unexpected and a pleasant find.
I was walking around mostly dry grass area with some single tiny flower still blooming here and there and then I saw this patch of light purple flowers! Only one patch!
I don't think I have seen those before. Not in this place, not anywhere else. I was prepared to shoot just some dry seed pods, textures and bugs that day, so this was a nice thing to see.

Spergularia rubra

Spergularia rubra purple wildflower 2.jpg

Spergularia rubra purple wildflower 1.jpg

This little thing is also called red sandspurry and it a plant native to Europe and Asia, but can be also found on other continents. It is considered a weed and can grow in various conditions. I also found out tat it can have different colours - from white, to very dark purple. The shape of the flowers stays the same.

The flowers are not very big, the remind me another common weed - Speedwell. The flowers are about the same size. The plant itself also stays small, though spreads sideways like a groundcover.
And again... I look at those and I find the totally adorable! I would gladly grow those in a garden.

Spergularia rubra purple wildflower 3.jpg

Firstly I took some shots from the top, but then I put the camera almost on the ground and that very low angle shot showed me something I would have not seen otherwise. Can you see how the buds (or spent flowers, I can't figure that out) hang down? Dozens of them! It looks pretty cool I must say :)
It also looks like it is just one plant!

Spergularia rubra purple wildflower 5.jpg

Bonus shot:
Another pretty weed that was growing right next to the purple ones and that I see growing in so many harsh places. I will crawl on tops of the rocks, near the roads and looks like it doesn't even need water, cause it blooms when many things around dries to a crisp.
Convolvulus arvensis.

Convolvulus arvensis white wildflower.jpg

Shot with Nikon D5500 + Sigma 105mm lens
All photos and text are my own.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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Easy for you to say ! Haha. What a nice find. Little miracles :)

It was cool to see them :)

Tiny flowers are really wonderful. Especially when you don't expect it :)

Beautiful pictures!

Thank you!

These tiny purple flowers just dance around in the sun!

Nicely said :)

Thank you very much!


Woww! That's such a good color!! :O

Yeaaa it is super pretty :)

Ohh woow... I love these flowers. The color of their petals is so pleasing 😍 the second photograph, all flowers are posing for your camera 🤩
Beautiful photographs. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you!
Wildflowers are really super cool :)

Yes the color looks amazing. The gift of nature 😊

Your photos are incomparable !!!

Thank you :)

Pleasant find indeed. It looked like they were just waiting for you to pass by before blooming.

They knew I'm coming :D
Wouldn't mind more surprises like that.