Bunny ears - Australian violet

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Viola hederacea violet 5.jpg

Whenever I head Violet name I see those very small, dark blue or purple ones with the most amazing fragrance flowers. The ones I see growing in parks and woods and also our garden in some more shaded corners. I am sure you know which ones I am talking about.

But then I saw those growing in Quinta da Regaleira in Portugal, which is like a botanic garden with amazing variety of plants, and I wasn't even sure if they are Violets or some plant that looks alike.
But what is Google for, right?

Viola hederacea Labill.

Viola hederacea violet 4.jpg

Also knows as Australian violet, Trailing violet or Ivy-leaf violet. And yes, it is native to Australia, though there are some oobservations recorded in Europe and States. This one here grows in Portugal, but since it is a human made place, it could be planted there on purpose.

The plant itself is very small, with small round leaves and even smaller, white and purple flowers on tall stems. Flower is not bigger than 1cm across and because the ones I saw had their petals all curved, it seemed even smaller.

Viola hederacea violet 3.jpg

Flowers appear around May - June and then they can bloom again in early fall. I forgot to check if they smell like the ones I know. It is one of my favourite flowers fragrances out there (besides Freesias).

Viola hederacea violet 2.jpg

Viola hederacea violet 3.jpg

Some were not so lucky to enjoy the sunshine.
They all grew under some taller trees and bushes on a raised flower bed. Regular rains and mists and they do look like they love it there.

Viola hederacea violet 6.jpg

Viola hederacea violet 7.jpg

Viola hederacea violet 8.jpg

Viola hederacea violet 9.jpg

Viola hederacea violet 10.jpg

Viola hederacea violet 11.jpg

Shot with Nikon D5500 + Sigma 105mm lens
All photos and text are my own.

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I forgot to check if they smell like the ones I know. It is one of my favourite flowers fragrances out there

I also like their scent 💜

How nice are these violets, like some curious "heads" looking up from the green leaves 😁

Haha yea. All sticking up :)

Proudly showing their beauty 😁

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So beautiful :)

They are :))

Lovely little faces, with so many planted it must have a lovely perfume @ewkaw, flowers like this normally grow inland and "bunny-ears" as I knew them as a child were slightly different.

Always nice to see flowering blooms from different parts of the world, wishing you a wonderful weekend.

There is a plant called "bunny-ears"? I just put that in the title, 'cause the top petals look like ears :)

Have an awesome weekend as well Joan!

Our 'bunny" flowers were mainly pink, when you squeezed the flower gently two "teeth" popped down hence the name.

Now you got me thinking what was growing in the garden, some quick research they were Snapdragons my Dad's green fingers had growing in the flower beds.

Your bunny-ears have great contrast in colour.

Oh I know Snapdragons! They are super cute with those opening faces :)