Good Morning Sunshine !!

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In life we all have those ups and downs and getting up another morning is always so grateful with the sunshine , shining through your bedroom window another day is to begin but not without saying good morning to my sweetheart who is beside me , so it's a good morning to my sunshine , i call her my sunshine because she lights up my day from the very second she opens her beautiful eyes.



From the moment she wakes it's a colorful day for me and this morning was no different she glows like all her beautiful flowers that she tends to with all her care and dedication and she makes me feel just as colorful and cared for as her pretty flowers.




No matter what we are going through she always brings the sunshine out of me and the way things have been going this year , i thank God i have this beautiful ray of sunshine beside me she truly is my ray of sunshine ❤️



Today there was no work for me as things are not back to full working order as yet due to this pandemic so we spend the day together attending to our garden of flowers , herbs and veggies. I am trying to wake up without the regrets of what i could have accomplish yesterday and do today's duties not been weaken or distracted by looking forward to the things we can't see looking at my veggie garden gives me strength seeing these little tomatoes accomplishing there goal day by day from nothing to a beautiful rosy tomato.




After a nice workout in the garden cleaning , trimming and weeding with my sweetheart it was time to sit , relax and enjoy a lovely healthy lunch with my sunshine and if you notice on this healthy simply dish she prepared she always puts her heart into everything. Life can be so beautiful with a ray of sunshine beside you ❤️




Even our cat Molly enjoys a ray of sunshine on her favorite lounge by the window 😸 🌞



#amazingnature by @adalger





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Lovey photos! I particularly loved tje first one and the one with the tomatoes sliced round on the black plate! Nice!

Thank you @creativemary it was just the prefect morning and the wife made it even better with that lovely lunch she prepared 😊


Thank you @creativemary 😊


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A wonderful shadow and beautiful garden photos, too! Thanks for entering!

Thank you @melinda010100 my pleasure 😊

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Thank you @melinda010100 very kind of you 😊

Your photos are beautiful and your plants also grow up well.
A little bit jealous you because you have a great wife who cooks the food by her heart. ^^

Thank you @noopu it's all team work and she is a lovely wife and i hope you find some one in your life that will do that for you 😊

Gorgeous shots! Is that Mozzarella with the tomatoes? LOVE IT!!!! !tip

Yes it is @jaynie the Italian way nice simply dish and healthy for you makes a nice lunch snack 😊

Yes!!! I do it OFTEN! and I normally chop up fresh basil on top too! It really is delicious and the balsamic vinegar completes it! :)

Now you have made my mouth water up thinking about it that is prefect way with basil and balsamic vinegar most definitely 👍

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Thank you @jaynie very kind of you 😊

:) :) Only a pleasure!

How beautiful pictures. The nature is really amazing😍

Thank you @denissemata isn't nature so beautiful 😊

Yes friend

Can't get any better than that :-)

Your absolutely right team work is a great thing 😊

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Yep and we can all do it we all need some time out 😉