A Giant resting in nature!

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She spent her life riding on the seven seas and now serves another purpose.

We were driving along a road yesterday that is surrounded by plots of land cultivated for many purposes. Our destination was a nursery on one of the plots where they sell chili tomato plants.

Along the road we passed this sight and I decided to investigate, as it looked like a ship.
Of course I asked for permission to take photos.

There you can see the old wheel house.
How many stood on that little balcony above to watch the beauty of the ocean?

The ship is now riding on land in nature and at the back I saw that this fence with doors was installed.

It looked like some kind of cage to maybe keep guard dogs in.
You can also see the thick original ship steel door inside.

Air circulation fans in the hull?
This would surely have sunk the ship on the sea.

Built with bricks and windows means that it was added after the ship came to rest here.

Finally, just to show you the size of this "little" boat.

Metamorphosis means a change of form and in this case it is a change of purpose. Who would think that a solid sea ship, upon retirement can serve as a very secure store and workshop.
Of course I had other ideas, as I would have converted the ship into a home for us to sit and stare at the mountains and the sea all day.

And That's All Friends.

Note: All photos are my own and taken with a Canon Powershot SX60, bridge camera.

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WOW, it reminds me of the abandoned mining equipment you can find around the Ruhr-Area in Germany. Mysterious machines, where it's hard to tell what they were for. The photographer Juergen Reichmann is photographing them here.


Thank you for sharing this impression, @papilloncharity !

@elenahornfilm 🐠

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Thank you for the kind notice my friend!

29500 replies, WOW! mine would be 29501 -- a nice round-up

well, I just wanted to congratulate you with the Torch-habdler status
and I like this ship resting in peace, that is my sort of stuff.
tho actually I have serious doubts it is one of Amazing Nature miracles

cheers! - !WINE

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Amazing how close we run together here on Hive in the replies @qwerrie.
Thank you for the congratulations.
No, that ship is certainly not an #amazingnature miracle and maybe I should have said that one day nature will reclaim that ship, as it will rust away hahahah.

Cheers and !WINE