Last song of the Cicada!

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The weirdest thing happened to us this morning. My idea was to take photos of the lovely mountain clouds, but something else changed my mind.
Come have a look and be amazed!

This guy is a Cicada (Platypleura capensis), and he was making an awful noise in the tree above my head. It took me all of an hour to find him high up in the tree..

If you listen to this video, then you can hear his constant high pitched scream through his sound box.
But you won't see him as the video couldn't pick him up in the wind!

But now, when I went out later, look what was laying on the seat of my chair.

Here was that same Cicada in a state of death.

So of course, I picked him up and there was no response.

Marian poured some water in my hand and we tried to revive him as it is very hot 34Celsius here, but no luck.

Look how beautiful this guy is when one opens his top wings that make him look so drab.

Here is a frontal view of him. And he is a real beauty!

Cicada, the Summer Screamer
Life cycle:
The cicada is known for its synchronised life cycle, with some species taking two to seventeen years as nymphs before reaching adulthood. This potentially classifies the cicada as the insect with the longest larval development stage in the world.
The breeding cycle begins when adults mate after the males lure the females with their attractive cicada songs

After mating the female lands in a tree, and uses her saw-like, egg laying organ (ovipositor) to fashion a slit into the bark. This is where she lays her eggs, some females lay up to 400 eggs at a time. These eggs hatch and the nymphs drop to the ground where they burrow down to depths of 2.5 meters deep into the soil.

Cicada nymphs excavate chambers close to plant roots where they feed on sap. The nymphs continue to develop until they reach the final stage known as instar, when they tunnel to the surface and exit the soil. Emergent cicadas land on plants where they shed their skins for the final time, morphing into adulthood.

The males die after mating and the females die after laying their eggs.

So, either this guy died after mating, or the strong winds banged him against something.
But how is it that he landed on the seat of my chair?
Something that I cannot explain, as Marian saw him first when she wanted to move the outside chairs into the shade.

And That's All Friends!

Would you mate as a male, if you know that you are going to die after the act?
World population would be very low!

Note: All photos and the video are my own. Camera used was a Canon Powershot SX60HS

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Learn something new every day, did not know the females buried the eggs into tree trunk. Was aware they grow underground, how unusual to find the little ones must find a source of food once plummeting to the ground.

Noisey yet beautiful is the cicada, seldom see them so this was a bit of luck today.

Yes if males died after mating, well we won't go down that rabbit hole right now will we 😃

@tipu curate

And the amazing thing is that the female carries a saw around with her to cut into the bark of the tree for the eggs.
I find many similarities between them and the dragonflies, as they also spend most of their lives as nymphs, only in the water and not in the ground like the cicadas.

I have a few of them in my files and also a green one somewhere.

Hahaha, that last question is certainly a trickey one 🤣


Tells the story some really have killer design to compete in the natural world.

Definitely no time to debate last question, so will politely refer back to the beautiful table cloth flowing over the mountain, awesome watching dramatic changes!

The wings are so beautiful, too bad for their short cycle of life

Thank you and yes, so similar to the lifespan of the dragonflies as they spend 7 years in the water as nymphs and only a few months as adults.

Even with the closed wings this guy looks beautiful to me, and he's huge. I think a while ago we have been talking abut their noise and that ours are almost silent compared to yours.

The clouds in the first photo look amazing 😃

PS: you know my answer to the question "would you mate..." 😂

Cheers and !BEER

So weird that he ended up on my chair and yes, they are big, but very difficult to spot, as they blend in with the colors of the tree bark.

From a distance you will not see this guy and look how he is camouflaged!

I love to see how those clouds creep their way over the mountains, but sadly too slow to take a video.

Yep, I know your answer 🤣

Cheers and thanks!

I think if you don't search for it you would never see it.

Such cloud movements look great when you make a time lapse video, which simply consists of hundreds of images which are taken one or more seconds apart.

Cheers and !BEER

Yes, in the link they state that it's very difficult to see them. So I had a sure gift from Mother Nature to find one on my chair. Even after spotting him in the tree. I think she wanted to make sure that I post him properly on Hive, to show God's glory in design.

Me? Are you talking about me making such a thing as a time lapse video?
The only time lapse that I know is when I am on the toilet 🤣

Cheers and thanks!

Haha, I'm not sure if we are talking about the same time lapse thing 🤣

Cheers and !BEER

Oh yeah, I am sure that we are talking about the same time lapse thing, but the very small naughty bit in my brain decided to respond 😉

Cheers and thanks!

Haha, okay, I understand 🤣 lol

Cheers and !BEER


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Those mountain clouds look like a massive tidal wave! Glad you're still standing!

Hahaha, no sweat, as we are used it.
Never had this up north, but now down here we see it often and it continues to amaze.

Have a !BEER my friend.

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clouds?? wow...look like a waterfall!
Insects are my phobia but they still look amazing in your photos;)

Whenever the clouds swallow the mountains like that, it means that the next day there will be rain.
It is important for us to read the weather signs as we live in the "Cape of Storms".

Insect phobia? Never heard of it 🤣

have you never seen people who are afraid of insects? especially women? here they are have such phobia;)

never heard about the mountains and clouds...
we notice that fog brings weather changes, often warming
sky full of stars means clear weather the next day
red bloody sunset brings windy weather

Hahaha, the lady across from our our place was screaming loudly and I ran to to see what was wrong.
Shame, there was a big Praying Mantis sitting and looking at her.
So I picked him up and asked her to touch it. She slammed the door in my face 🤣

Ah, you forgot to mention that a Halo around the sun means bad weather approaching.
The South-Easter wind rips out trees and house roofs.
High sea waves flushes animals in the deep onto the beaches.
Lightning kills animals and livestock.

I told you that we live in the "Cape of Storms"

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Hello @papilloncharity!

Interesting story about the cicada.

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Thank you sincerely for the kind support @nelinoeva and
Really appreciated ❤️

The female with a saw..interesting.


Hahaha, what a cute gif Lady Jo, and instead, the Cicada female uses her saw to give life. This one with the heart on her chest in the Gif is an ideal explanation about what happens to the poor male 😞

Blessings and have some !WINE

Haha @papilloncharity I couldn’t find a saw so though an axe would do.

Blessings and thanks for the wine.🙏

Hahaha, well that axe reminded me of the insects that kill their partners after mating 🤣
But, it's great that nature is so intricate, as one would never expect that a female has the equipment to cut a tree open in order to lay her eggs.