"Clingy & Weird" (some macro photography exercise)

in Amazing Nature2 months ago

Whenever I go for a walk and come back home after that, I usually get things that cling tightly to my pants and my dog's fur. I can't really find any reference over the internet about the name of this weed and so I just simply refer to them as wild weeds. They look like a common dandelion when dried but they are a little smaller in size and the structure of the flower.


The main difference between it to dandelion is the way they scatter their seeds. In the case of a dandelion, they use the wind to send their seeds away to propagate. They actually look amazing as they fly away in a sublime manner.

As for these wild weeds, they do it differently; they stuck like glue! Notice the small tentacles at the tip of each pin? They are very sticky and really clingy. I have trouble removing them from my dog's fur. They are very tiny and it's not easy to remove them using a comb. On many occasions, I had to pull my dog's fur just to remove them completely. It's such an awful experience.


They are difficult to avoid as they are tiny. All I can do is to avoid the area that I know has these things.

Here's a black & white image as well.


That's all I have for now.

Have a good one today!