Some random things that I found around the fence

in Amazing Nature2 months ago

Last week, one of our neighbors mentioned to me about a snake that they saw crossing the alley of our neighborhood. Although I listened to what he was saying, I didn't really pay attention since it's very rare to see snakes around my place. Initially, I thought he was not serious about it and so I just kept on listening. I have this bad habit of not fully believing in something until I saw it myself.

Until this morning, during my walk; I noticed a thread-like thing that is dangling along our fence. I was shooting some photos and so I'm too focused on flowers & insects. It took me a few seconds until I realized that this thing that's in front of me is a snake's skin.

It startled me for a moment. The next thing I did is to measure how long it is. Silly me, right. Does it matter how big the snake is? It doesn't matter if it's poisonous. A single bite is potent enough for me to drop dead in minutes.

The snake's skin is about 2 1/2 feet long. By this time, the snake has grown by an inch (probably).



I still kept going and took more photos until I really felt that it's not safe anymore. We haven't cut the grass in this area of the property and so it's not wise to simply wander around.



This next shot is just a random thing that I think is a parody of the first one.



Have a great day!