Icy Photos of Migratory Ducks on the Pond...

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I thought my visit to the pond to see the migratory birds in the previous week, would be my last for the ice was starting to form. To my surprise, when I went out to the pond this week the ducks had managed to keep a patch of the pond open from the ice and continued feeding and resting in that area.

The difference from last week to this showed much busier ducks with a lot keeping moving. Even the ones that were huddled together would keep one foot paddling to keep the water open. There were no geese this time around for they do not have that ability ducks have to keep one foot paddling while they sleep.

Come have a look at this busy, icy scene from the pond...

Icy Scene of Partially Frozen Duck Pond

overview of partially frozen pond with ducks on it.JPG

Closer View Of Ducks in Open Area of Icy Pond

overview of icy scene with ducks on open part of pond.JPG

Band of Ducks Huddled Together 1 Stretching Wings

band of ducks huddled together resting on icy water 1 stretching wings.JPG

More Ducks Flying In to Join Those Sheltering on the Open water

duck flying in among other ducks swimming in icy water.JPG

Closer View of Ducks By Icy Edge of Pond

ducks on icy water 1 stretching wings 1 standing on edge of ice.JPG

duck walking up on ice others resting on water or edge of ice.JPG

ducks huddles in icy water 1 stretching wings.JPG

Ducks Resting By Ice Edge

mallard ducks resting on ice edge of pond ring necked ducks bufflehead swimming.JPG

Ring-necked Ducks Huddled By Mallard Duck in Icy Water

ring necked ducks huddle by mallard duck in icy water.JPG

Group of Mallard Ducks Some Resting on Ice or Edge of Ice Some on the Water

mallard ducks resting and swimming  on icy water.JPG

2 Ducks bottoms Up Feeding 4 Ducks Head Tucked in Resting on Water

ducks o icy water 1 bottoms up feeding.JPG

Close Up of Duck Quacking As It Swims

3 ducks swimming in icy water 1 beak open quacking.JPG

Mallards, Ring-necked Ducks and Possibly Golden-eye Duck on Icy Water

different black and white duck swimming in icy water by other ducks 1 stretching wings.JPG

Closer Look at Possible Barrow's Golden-eye Duck and Others Huddled in the Water

different black and white duck swimming in icy water by other ducks.JPG

I'm not to sure what this next duck I'll be showing you was up to, looked to me like he was just having fun splashing in the water.

Series of shots of Duck Splashing in Water

duck having fun splashing in water.JPG

Here was another duck making a splash but this time it was because they were diving under the water.

Splash of Duck Starting to Dive Under Water While Other Duck Just Popped Up to Surface of Water From Diving

splash from diving duck and 1 duck just coming up from dive.JPG

Here is a splash from a duck taking off from the water...

Close Up of Duck Taking Off From Water

duck taking flight others swimming in icy pond.JPG

Duck in Flight Over Others Swimming in Icy Water

duck in flight over others swimming on icy water.JPG

And look at the funny stretch this duck is doing...

Duck Doing Funny Stretch While Others Are Resting on the Water

ducks on icy water 1 doing a funny stretch.JPG

Another Duck Stretching

ducks on icy water 1 stretching wings 1 standing on edge of ice.JPG

I thought it was just ducks on the pond but I did find this fellow swimming among the ducks which I believe to be a juvenile swan. It was the only one. I sure hope it sticks with the ducks when they leave the pond and head south for the winter.

Juvenile Swan Swimming With ducks

juvenile swan with 2 ring necked ducks swimming in icy water.JPG

Close Up Juvenile Swan Among Ring-necked Ducks

close up juvenile swan  swimming in icy water by other ducks.JPG

And the last photo I'll share with you is how the ducks were when I left - all huddled together by the ice's edge.

Large Band of Ducks Huddled Together at the Edge of the Ice in the Open Water

large band of ducks huddled together resting on icy water.JPG

Bird images are for the #FeatheredFriends community hosted by @melinda010100


This is my Amazing Nature Contest October 2020 - #04 entry. See details here

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The photos were taken with my Canon PowerShot SX60 HS.

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Do these ducks or stay through the winter? First time you have posted a swan by what I recall, nice sign of variety that arrive.

Pond is full of life considering start to winter months with some still looking quite young.

No the ducks go South for the winter. Most have already left already but these flocks have managed to keep the water open for a bit longer but they too will have to head south or they will get frozen into the lake - November temperatures can get very cold.
That was the first swan I saw this year. It was a juvenile and the only swan there. I hope he meets up with his flock to go South for he can't survive here in the winter.

There must be some food to keep them lingering, hope that swan and all the ducks start making their move soon before the extreme cold hits.

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