Amazing Nature contest - June 2021 - #01

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I Must Say that Nature Has An Important Role In Me, It Has Done To Me More Good Than Harm That I Could Not Tell It All.

Nature Is A Blessing To Me, The Fruits That I Eat, Vegetables That I Consumed And The Animals Which I Eat Is A Gift From Nature.

Nature Is Indeed A Great Teacher For Opening My Eyes And Bless Me With All Beautiful Plants That I Planted Which Includes:


Okasi Also Known As Afang: A Great Plant Use In Preparing soup, Afang Leaf Is Very Cost.


Cassava: A Plant Which Garri Is Derived From.


Orange Tree: This Is a plant that Orange Fruit Is Derived From.


Three Leaf Yam: This Planted In Garden. There bear seed in a year time, their leafs are rounded an three shade of leaf.


Mango Tree Is Also Included As An Importants Gift Of Nature, It Bears Fruit Seasonal.


Vegetable Leaf: Is A Great Vegetable Leaf Also Planted In Garden, It Is A Great Vegetable Use In Making Soup To Noble Men, It Is Also Costly In The Market As One Of The Great Vegetables in making soup.

Thanks for reading.


thanks for the tour!

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Thank you Sir💃💃

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