DIY - Denim Coasters

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I've been thinking about making a couple of these as what I have look awful, although are not so old. To be honest, I've been looking to replace them with something new but what I got was even worse at a higher price, so what's the point then?


Better create something sustainable, washable, easy to clean and reuse. This is how I ended up creating these jeans coasters.


Lucky me, I had all that was needed, so all I had to do is start working on it.


This is the coaster that needs to retire as it looks awful. As soon as it gets some water, the damage is done.


The rubber mat that I've used for my project. This is also recycled stuff, just like the jeans. I've been using this for the sewing machine mats I'm making and still have plenty. This is needed to absorb the heat and make the coaster thicker. It's washable, so it's a win-win.

The coaster was 9cm x 9cm, so is the rubber mat, it's just that doesn't have round edges. I saw no point in making it round.


After some thinking I decided to go with a 14cm x 24cm piece.


Make no mistake, I wasn't planning to use both, this is just to see how it fits.



I'm always using 1cm allowance, so here it is, sewed together, like a sack.


Perfect fit, just as I hoped.


The corners need to be cut in order to be able to turn it inside out without any problem.


Turned inside out.


It has the rubber mat already inside and it's clipped with these metal clips I'm using.


I decided to go with two lines, not only looks better but it's safer, the rubber mat stays in place, no chance it moves, not even during washing.


Then I thought why not make another one and for that I chose two pieces of jeans sewed together to be more interesting. This is the back part of the jeans.


The piece is a perfect fit for what I needed it.


This time I decided to play with it and make the sewing line like a labyrinth. At the end I'm satisfied with it, it looks good and perfect for what it meant to be but next time I need to be more careful if I'm using more that one piece. The sewing line is almost in the middle, that's where the coaster is a bit higher and the mug is not stable. It's not such a big mistake, but next time I have t make sure to use three pieces so the lines come towards the edges, that's how the cum will be sitting on these lines.

It is not decided yet but maybe I'm going to make some for sale and list them in my Etsy shop.


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Those jean coasters look pretty fancy!!!
Very creative! Great job! :) <3

Thank you very much for the nice words, I'm glad you like them :)
I'm going to make more.

You are welcome. <3

I do some DIY stuff time to time. I'd be happy have your comments on them. :)

Peace! <3

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 13 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Many thanks @pixrestreemer.

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Cheers @@@pixresteemer! 🍻

Very nice! I like them. :)

Many thanks @stephie.spicer, feedbacks mean a lot to me. :)
I've checked out your Etsy store and you have many nice things there. Keep up the good work!

Thank you!

I'm actually having a wild thought whilst reading your post. Will it be even wilder to sew the anti slip mat at the outside of the jeans? 😊

It's not the wildest, believe me. I do that with my sewing machine mat as it's a must, the mat must stick to the working surface/table you're using, thus must be outside. Here however we have another case. Because the piece it's so tiny, it's better to hide it inside as the corners would be difficult to manage. 😉
I've thought of that, believe me 😜

You are really inventive to give the jeans a new life. We also use coasters, but I made mine from felt (a kind f felted mat)... it’s the solution for the lazy ones like me 🤣 No sewing only cutting. Your coaster make good use of the mat and I think they are more stable if they are heavier.

That is also good, I don't see why it can't be used, no worries. I used denim and this rubber mat because I have plenty and you know I kind of specialize on denim now 😜

You are really talented when it comes to recylcing denim. Great idea!

Thank you. You know how it is, these ideas come on the go.

Great job... I never will cone with the idea to put the rubber mat inside...
Thank you for share!

Thank you. I only came up with the idea because I had that rubber mat at home. Otherwise most likely I've used some fabric 😃

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Thank you @priyanarc and @diyhub, I appreciate it.

Wow. Such a brilliant idea. Way to be resourceful and sustainable as well. Plus it definitely isn't bad to look at. Hoping to learn alot from you. I love it.

Glad to hear that really and thanks for the nice words 😊
I'm trying to do my part of saving the world , by stopping waste, reusing and repurposing things. Also I'd be happy to know I could change some people's mind and convince them to do the right thing.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Many thanks @thekittygirl, I really appreciate it.