New Supplies For My Hobby And A New Bag - #MarketFriday

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Now that the lockdown is partially over and most of the shops are open, you can easily guess where my first destination was last Friday. It's been two months since most of the so called non-essential shops were forced to close and although I still had supplies to work with, it was just about time to make new stocks.

I wanted to play safe and avoid being forced to go the my favorite shop twice a week and look for quality merchandise. The truth is, people are ignoring social distancing, unfortunately, so it's my responsibility to protect myself and others I'm in contact with regularly. That's why I decided to buy more and avoid the shop for awhile.

What can I say? Friday 15th was the first day they were allowed to open and I was there, emptying the shelves, at 10am. I wasn't that desperate but I knew if they are keeping their word and continuing where the lockdown interrupted them, then everything will be on sale, which means $0.2/item and also that those clothes have spent two months in the shop without anyone touching them.

Imagine me putting 14 jeans and 7 shirts on the counter. These items covered all the table. I told the woman I'm emptying the shop and she said no problem. Obviously as they want to sell everything, now more than ever. Two months without any activity is a lot.


Thinking about it I must admit, I was pretty lucky to get such good quality things.




This week on Thursday, on my way to the post office I had to visit the shop again as I knew everything will be on sale again and it's like a magnet, I bet you know how it is. Indeed, everything was on sale again, so I bought a few more items, four jeans and 13 shirts.


This is what I have now to work with. This should be enough for another month or two. These items are going to be upcycled, transformed into bags and given a new life.


This is another bag I've finished recently.


It's pretty simple and similarly made as the others, so I'm not going to show the process this time.

This is my late entry to #MarketFriday hosted by my friend @dswigle. I'm apologizing for not taking photos in the shop but that's quite impossible regardless if it's pandemic or not. This is a small shop and now only a few are allowed in, the rest has to wait outside, so there's no way I could take photos.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 7 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Wow you made a got catch, I can see several bags in the near future :-DD Do you also like to refashion these garments, like making a new skirt or jacket from jeans trousers for example? I have seen some really beautiful refashioned garments and would love to learn more about this. (Although I fear my sewing machine is not tough enough for sewing jeans...)

For the moment I'm only making bags as that's the easiest for me. Garments are difficult and to be honest, I don't really like thin fabric. I work well with denim for now. However, I'm planning to make a skirt out of a pair of jeans one day but not for me :) Right now my priority is to set up my Etsy shop and start selling my bags :)

I am also not so drawn to thin fabric, I am the stretch lover, so easy to sewn and even easier to fit (around my round forms :-DDD) I wish you a huge success with the Etsy shop 🌈💕🙏

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I need to try it out to see how my sewing machine can handle it but I have a feeling that it wont. I'll let you know when (if) it happens :)
Thank you for the wishes, I hope I can sell my bags 😘 🤗
Have a nice weekend!

No apology needed, Erika! @ericah Everyone is in the same boat, (except for me, we are still on lockdown!) but, I wouldn't be taking pictures in a place that has a queue just waiting on the next one out!

I am super amazed at all the jeans and shirts you scored (especially the good brands too!) These are making such wonderful bags. I bet you are selling every single one you make! They look nice! I have to agree with you that people are not maintaining proper social distancing and I would do exactly what you are doing. Keeping my distance and wearing a mask. If only everyone would do that, we could move on from this.

I am so happy to see how productive you have stayed during this time. How is it now that everything is trying to normalize over there? They are not doing great in a lot of the places here that have opened up. :( As always, I want to thank you dearly for your support! xo

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I haven't sold anything yet as I've just set up my Etsy shop but it's coming I hope. I'm enjoying creating these bags, so why not make something out of it, right?

Thanks for the nice comment and your support! Have a nice weekend my friend :)

Just dropped my link for this week, in time for one :P

I'm never on time! :) Thank you so much, my friend.

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