Needleworkmonday || Making Simple Yet Elegant Crochet Doily

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Hello everyone. Today is needleworkmonday, so here's my tutorial/pattern on making this elegant Crochet Doily using simple pattern.


Mercerized cotton
3mm hook


  1. Magic circle. Layer 1: chain 5,(treble crochet-chain), treble crochet, chain 1, treble crochet, chain 1 and so on (making 12 treble crochet-chain pattern).

  2. Layer 2: Chain 4 (treble crochet), treble crochet 2 on each chain (making 36 treble crochet).

  3. Layer 3: Chain 5 (Double crochet), skip 1 stitch, chain 2, double crochet, skip 1 sticth, chain 2 and so on.

  4. Layer 4: Chain 4 (treble crochet), treble crochet on each stitch except each chain treble crochet 2. (Making 54 treble crochet)

  5. Layer 5 and 7, do the same pattern of layer 3.

  6. Layer 6, and 8, do the same pattern with layer 2.

  7. Layer 9: Chain 5, skip 3 stitch, single crochet, chain 5, skip 3 stitch, sibgle crochet and so on.

  8. Layer 10: chain 2, single crochet on the 1st 4-chain, treble crochet 9 on the next 4-chain, single crochet on the 3rd 4-chain and so on.

  9. Layer 11: Chain 1, treble crochet on the first stitch (of crochet shell), chain,treble crochet and so on. Single crochet on the end of crochet shell.

  10. Last layer: Single crochet 4, picot, single crochet, picot and so on.

  11. Insert the ribbon.


NOTE: If you want a bigger doily, you may add another layer after layer 8, following the pattern of layer 2 and 3.



I really love the design and how detailed this is. great work.

Thank you for appreciating @stevenson7. ☺️ God bless you and stay safe.

thank you, you too

These are so cute and elegant-looking 😍👏 I tried making a doily before but it didn't look good because I crocheted some parts tight. It won't go flat. 😆

My 1st,2nd and 3rd doily didn't lay flat also. 😅
But I finaly made it after so many practises. Though it's just so simple that I have to think of ways how to make it attractive. 🤣

Practice makes perfect sabi nga nila. hihi good job po! Sana may patience din akong ipractice gumawa ng doily.

Beautiful, Impressive. I would love to have that on my table.

It's perfect for this coming Christmas season. I'm glad you like it. ☺️

Nice and simple crochet doilies!! And if you use two colours, one for every filled line and one for the blank, it would do a great contrast! I love how you put a ribbon to make it look like a present ;)

Thank you for appreciating @uellacreativa. Yes, indeed, nice idea. 😍 i will try that also specially for this coming christmas season.☺️

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These crochet doilies are beautiful. I love the detail of the ribbon, they invite the gift is ready. Greetings

Thank you @jicrochet. Yes, since christmas season is coming..☺️

Crochetbulous doily! Nice color combi, cool to the eyes.

Thanks po @jurich60..☺️

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