What do you do when you can't find a whale?

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What do you do when you can't find a whale on Hive? Simple, you make one yourself at home.

Yesterday this came up on my YouTube feed. I thought this would be great little project to take a break away from the virtual world. It looked simply enough and I fancied a whale at home. I wasn't going to become one on Hive.

This took me about three hours to crotchet, and trust me, it is very simple. In fact I might make a few more and build up my army of whales at home. I heard we lost a few yesterday .

First of all, I made a pair of tail and a pair of fins. The larger one on the left are the tails.

Next is the body, you just go round and round and round. Easy peasy. This is my second amigurumi, and I've learnt to add a marker to the end of the round. This worked really well as I did 24 rounds in total. The first 16 rounds is the blue body, then I switched over to white yarn for the belly.

About half way through, I had to sew on the tail, fins, eyes and fill the whale belly before I close it.

Here's the tails and fins done.


On no!!! When I turned the whale inside out, I discovered that I had sewn on the white yarn that will be used to close up the whale!! The loop in the right is where I'm supposed to continue to crotchet, and the rest of the white yarn is on the left. I must have nipped the white yarn by mistake when I sewed on the tail. Luckily this wasn't too big a problem, just a silly rookie mistake. All I had to do was to cut the yarn and rejoin the two bits and continue.

The pattern calls for a pair of safety eyes. I didn't have any and I wasn't going to go out to the shops to get some. I decided to crotchet some instead. It worked just as well and I could choose whatever colour I like. I decided on dark green for nature.

Then I started to feed my whale with stuffing. That's the white soft stuff, not what you put inside roast turkey! Closing it up was the final step.

Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to Whitebush the whaley!!!


He's a very clever whaley and can stand on his own feet already. However, Whitebush is just a newbie baby whale starting off, so doesn't have any power yet.


Talking of newbies, I'm starting a project for newbies soon and I'm very excited about it. It's a very simple project but I think it will be very useful for newbies joining Hive, and for oldies as well. I've got a small team together, some very knowledgeable Hivers who know what they're doing on Hive and I hope to launch the project in the next few weeks. Stay tuned on my account so you won't miss it when it starts.


Never realized whales can be this cute :) Lovely piece of creativity.

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Awwwwwwwwww...happened to scroll through the community feed and discovered this cute thing here. Sorry but I love this lil whalywhale..it looks so cute...makes me wanna have one 🐳 😄

He's very easy to make, just imagine you can become a whale multiple times over at home!!!

I leave it to the people that can handle knitting lol 😄 and other than that I am happy if whales swim around the ocean where they belong and I work on becoming a better human :).

Then I started to feed my whale with stuffing.

That is what they do with each other. Make the rich even more rich.

Nice kitting...... But am still thinking what's it that you but inside to give it the shape but it very lovely ooo

Thanks. You can buy soft fluffy filling to make these soft toys

Your just calling there names for me as if I know it 😂

This sort of stuff, I bought 1kg the other time and ended up with a massive bag because i didn't know how much was in 1kg!! Now I have to make lot of soft toys to use it up

Okay now I know 😁 but now to form the toy is another big problem for me, but I know this cotton now by just looking at it, have seen it before

That whale is absolutely the cutest! 😍😍😍

Thanks @romeskie, I was surprised so easy it was to make

Aw! That whale is cute. Can I have one? 😁

I may make an army!!!

Then they will cute army (^_^)

Very beautifulI. I will also learn. I will do it in my free time to limit internet usage. Thank you ☺️

👍 Its from a Youtube channel called Hooked by Robin and the video is very good

Wow this is really nice. You're whale is growing so fast seeing that it can already stand on its own feet😂😂

accelerator whale 😁

😂😂😂 true

What a cutie pie baby whale! Your new project sounds interesting, I only now realize just how much work goes on behind the scene of many Hive projects.

I couldn't do it on my own, that's why I've enlisted help from various people, luckily they are very supportive of my idea

Awesome, absolutely love it! Will be showing this to my kids for sure 😀

Hopefully they will like it, or maybe you can make one for them. If I can make it, anyone can. Trust me!!! 😆

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Awwwww... I am in love with your whale!! It is soooo cute and palm size too, just the right size to pat :)

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Thank you @marblely and the NeedleworkMonday team!! I'm so humbled that you liked my little whaley😊☺️

Little whaley is too cute to resist :) Happy Sunday there @livinguktaiwan!

In the company of whales, good company to keep!

Here I am unable to knit or crochet, but this little floater is cute as can be, good luck in the new series assisting newbies here on Hive.

Thank you Joan for you kind words. Some great wise folks have kindly agreed to help out, so I'm hoping it will pan it

Hi there, @livinguktaiwan that is so cute at least they will be safe in your home. I dislike whale killers they are such a majestic animal.

You did such a good job on Whitebush the whaley! It is just too cute. Really glad to see you posting here more, sharing your needlework as well as your sister’s too.

What a clever way to announce about the project. 😁😉

Hi, good to see you here. I have to say, I've been wanting to make these cute whales for a long time. Yours is so cute, I love the color. Thanks for sharing the tutorial with us. Greetings.


What a cute little whale. I am wondering what kind of content he/she/it supports and curates?

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