#needleworkmonday :: A quick solution for an oversized armhole

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Happy #NeedleWorkMonday lovely people!

I had a number of hole mending operations last week and while hole mending isn't exactly an exciting project to show, I thought to just show this one, a quick solution for an oversized armhole.

Hubby bought a sleeveless T-shirt at a factory outlet for a very cheap price and with that, it is also not his size as it was one of the last pieces and he thought the size was okay.


However, over time, he felt the armhole was way too big for comfort.

I decided to use the sleeve of an old and torn t-shirt, and sew it onto the bottom half of the armholes.

I roughly cut the sleeves according to the shape of the armholes, with the hem at the top part, this way I minimize the need to sew :)

This was how it looked like before they were sewn to the wrong side of the armholes.

A quick sew following the armholes.

The good thing about using an old t-shirt is that they do not fray that much around the edges and this lessen the work needed for this kind of mending. Old t-shirts are great material to use to mend holes of most types.

And done!

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Here's wishing everyone a good week ahead and
Happy #NeedleWorkMonday! Take care!

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Interesting solution. Did he tried it on already? Does it fit better? The armholes looked really huge before you changed them, I also dislike this. Both too narrow and too wide lead to more sweating in my view.

It does fit better but probably doesn't look that macho now :D He prefers it like that than to have a very airy armhole, which felt almost like not wearing a T.
I agree @neumannsalva. Too narrow and too wide does lead to more sweating. Thank you for stopping by always <3

Hihi .. love the „doesn’t look that macho yet“ I had to laugh. I guess profound sweating isn’t macho either :-DDD

So clever... that is a great arm hole fit idea..
Thank you for share

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Great job making it work!