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Happy happy August #NeedleWorkMonday!


I had a plan. A plan to sew a ball for my nephews to play indoors. I did a quick research, and it didn't seem so hard. Just sew 6 pieces of a pattern and stuff them with filling and voila. Looked simple, sounds simple but...


I drew a pattern to cut.

And chose the fabric - a cheap polyester fabric that feels a little like plastic which would fit as a ball.

The fabric was first folded into 6 sides, like how we fold a fan, and I pinned and traced the pattern.


The pin helped to keep the paper and fabric in place.

Then, with 6 pieces of the same shape and I started sewing.

I used the pattern on the fabric as a guide to make sure the sewing was properly carried out.

I was starting to get excited once I managed to sew on 6 pieces of the fabric together, joining them one by one, leaving a gap for the last joining to turn and for the filling.

At the top and bottom, I joined the pieces by sewing them shut by hand.

And turned the insides out.

I used a microfiber batting filling which I got from Daiso, a chain store from Japan.

And stuffed the filing in. I also added some socks to fill in the gaps.

At the end of it, I hand sewed the opening shut.

But alas, it looked like a mini cushion!

Maybe, I should have went with 5 fabric pieces instead of 6. Hmm..

I shall try again, after I check out more videos :D

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Here's wishing everyone a good week ahead and
Happy #NeedleWorkMonday! Take care!

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It looks great - but it's no ball, that's right. I have no idea where the problem is. But: we have the internet!

Here in Germany it is cheaper to buy simple cushions than to buy the filling material and use the stuffing from the cushions. And it's easier to buy the cushions, they are sold in a lot of shops.

Yes we do! Internet always!
Ah, means you will need to open the stitches first then? Makes sense. Am thinking of socks in my next stuffing.

HMM, from what I see from the photos, maybe you had to make the pieces narrower and a bit taller...I have also done one and I have given it to my mother in law for her pins etc. But, as far as it concerned, it looks great, it doesn't have to a be a ball, right?? Think outside of the box :) I do that all the time!!

I think so too. Narrower and taller. I will research a bit more. I think I should get a ball the next time :D
Thank you for stopping by!