#needleworkmonday :: My new crochet adventure with natural stone beads

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Happy #NeedleWorkMonday everyone!

This has been in my head for a while now and today, I decided to try it.


Crocheting with beads (crystals and gemstones) and with a fishing line.


My first thought was to choose the beads or stones for this project.


I have been having quite an interest in natural crystals and stones these past months. There is a certain something about them. Each stone with its unique characteristics and color has its "strengths" and "powers" if you believe them; and there are so many kinds, grades, types, even for stones with the same name!

Crystals and stones, whether they are precious stones such as ruby, sapphire or emerald, or semi-precious stones, each has different color or a combination of colours, which in turn addresses the different chakras. That itself is a whole vast topic on its own which I will not get into for today's post. The bottom line? They make me happy and nothing beats a happy heart :)


For this project, I chose the tourmaline semi precious gemstone. Tourmaline has many colours and is therefore associated to healing a number of chakras. The fun part of working with multicoloured stones for me, is that I get to arrange them according to colours and so I did :)


The next thing was to insert the fishing line and arrange the stones to my liking. I decided with the fishing line because I've always wanted to try and see if they are crochetable. Plus, they are thin enough for small stones and they are hardy and cheap. And I was thinking more of a bracelet or an anklet.


It took a little while to insert these babies because they were small (about 3 to 4mm in diameter) but once they were all in, they look kinda pretty.


Then, it was time to start the adventure.


Armed with a 2.00mm crochet hook, I started crocheting with a slip knot first, chain one, insert a stone and chain over the stone, then continue the pattern all the way until the length that I wanted.


But it started to become quite addictive doing this while watching the telly and I went on and on.


I wasn't sure how many stones were needed but I was getting the hang of it before I realised that I overshot the length and it automatically became an anklet.


To end it, I tied 2 knots as tight as I possibly could and weaved in the ends, going through the holes of each bead.


Here it is as an anklet. See how it twirls? But I think that is also the beauty of it. It gave it a certain charm. And because it is twirly, it becomes elastic in a way. Not truly elastic but it is elastic enough to slip through the foot as an anklet and when it twirls, it stays there on the ankle.


And trying it out on my hand and twirling it around my pinky finger.


It was an adventure because it wasn't easy to manuever the fishing line which at most times, has a mind of its own. It doesn't really hold shape and as I crocheted, the bracelet was twirling here and there.

But it turned out okay :)

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Here's wishing everyone a good week ahead and
Happy #NeedleWorkMonday! Take care!

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Wow! So glad you found some motivation and decided to try your idea! It turned out really pretty! Those stones are absolutely gorgeous...they have a natural glow.

I can imagine how it would be working with the fish line, it seems because of the slipperiness it would be difficult to keep its shape.

I love the anklet and bracelet. Lovely photos and nicely done! Thanks for sharing with us ~

Thank you so so much @crosheille! <3 <3 <3 Yes, after our chat, I decided not to do any chores and just went straight into it. It was a good decision :)
But the fishing line doesn't listen haha and kept bouncing back to its original self. But I have been wearing the anklet since yesterday and I am liking the way the string is translucent and the stones look as though they are floating. It lfeels hardy too with the crochet and weaved ends. I think it will last for quite some time, yay :)

You’re welcome ;)

So glad you like and are enjoying the results of your work! That’s always a bonus to doing what we love ~


That's so pretty
And creative :D

Thannk you @kaerpediem <3

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Thank you so much @diyhub and @kaerpediem!! <3 <3 <3

These beads look beautiful especially the anklet. I like how you mixed the colours instead of using just one for each item. I have some green and brown beads of similar type but I am not sure if they are real. They do have a cooling effect whenever I touch them like marbles.

Thank you @yashny <3 Hope things are good with you there.
I like the way the stones fall around the ankle too. This tourmaline stones are usually multicoloured which makes it fun to work with because there are so many options that we can play with.
Ah, if the stones feel cool when you touch them, they are probably real. And if the stones have inclusions, it is hard to imitate. But yah, there are fake ones out there and not easy to see unless, for professionals or specialists.

Beautiful beads!

Thank you @fiberfrau!

Hello, happy week. This turned out beautifully for you, I loved the anklet. I hadn't thought of knitting with fishing line, and it turned out to be a very good choice. Thanks for sharing. The world of stones is wonderful, each one has a meaning and purpose. Regards

Hello @jicrochet! Happy week to you too! Thank you <3 I wasn't sure about the fishing line but have always wanted to try and I agree with you that it turned out quite nice. It looks hardy too with the crochet and the end weaves, quite perfect as an anklet. I have a feeling they won't break easily.
Yes, I agree. The world of stones is wonderful and I am quite in love with them :)


¡Gracias! Me preocupaba cómo saldría esto, pero se ve bastante bien :) Valió la pena intentarlo.

Thank you! I was worried how this would turn out but it looks quite okay :) It was worth the try.

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You're welcome @marblely 😉👍