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Happy #NeedleWorkMonday everyone!

I really like this bag, mainly because of its canvas fabric in ombre colour in white and indigo blue shades.

But, there was a problem. The bag came with faux leather handles. Over time, the handles deteriorated and they deteriorated badly.

The rest of the bag is still in good shape. It has a nice canvas fabric, a lining with a zipped pocket and it would have been such a waste to throw the bag away just because of the handles.
I made a plan to remove and replace the handles. Easy peasy right.

I used a thread picker to remove the handles first and it was a messy affair. Bits and pieces of the handles were dropping everywhere.
I spent a lot of time trying to remove the handles until I gave up because it was too messy.

I stuffed the bag with its messy handles into a corner somewhere (for monthsssss) until recently, I decided it was time to complete this work.

After a renewed energy and determination, and some excruciating peeling and picking, I finally did it. I removed the handles but I had to wash it before I could sew on the new handles.

I scrubbed away the gray bits and washed them away, before leaving the bag to dry.

This is the cotton web that will replace the handles. I cut out about 2 x 70cm for the handles, just long enough for me to sling the bag onto my arm.

Once the bag was cleaned and dried, I inserted the cotton web into the spaces where I thread picked the old handles out.

I pinned the 4 spaces in place...

...before sewing the handles onto the bag at each respective space.

I am glad that the bag is finally restored to its usable form again :)

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Here's wishing everyone a good week ahead and
Happy #NeedleWorkMonday! Take care!

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You did good, the outcome is maybe better than the original. I like it when people take the time to repair something instead of throwing the item away the minute it has some damages. Well done!

Thank you @erikah! I like the new handles too, compared to the original ones. Yah, I prefer to repair if possible because it is such a waste to throw just because of only parts that are damaged. But I do have quite a bit of restoration projects still stashed away haha.

Tell me about it, as soon as I've learned to use the sewing machine, I had to realize how much work is waiting to be done. ☹️

We all know this "putting it away for some time because otherwise we would throw it away" when a project resists all our efforts. Kudos to you for finishing the work and gratulation for the nice bag :)

Have a !BEER

Yup yup. What a waste to just throw. Thank you @muscara! :)

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Hello dear @marblely. How nice that you did that job! I congratulate you.
I do not know how to sew, either by hand or by machine. It is something I always wanted to have and never gave myself time to buy. Now it is very difficult to have it.

Gracias @gertu! I learnt a lot from Internet :) Anything that comes to my mind or at that point in time, example, I need to fix a hole, I will check for any tutorials and try to follow it :) All can be done by hand, just a little slower.

It is true! I find out everything about my plants, cakes and cookies, I find out online. It is a life learning. Success with the hole. @marblely.