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RE: Comedy crafting during summer slump

in NeedleWorkMondaylast year

Ah crafting slumps, we get that every now and then, sometimes too often. Take your break and you will come back refreshed with new ideas to get them going :)
Love the green cardigan :) It is really smart to use discarded men's t-shirt as the experiment fabric. Don't give up! Keep trying but take your summer break first. You will find the perfect fit in time :)
Enjoy your break. Will miss you for 3 weeks <3


Thank you for the support <3 and I could not stop completely, so here I am on Monday having a glimpse at all the lovely posts.
And the idea with the old shirts is from the sewing teacher who helped me with the Karlene blouse. I also find it very clever (but you see I still have problems to get garments fitted).
Sending you summer holiday vibes 🌈🌺🦋