A freeneedling challenge, Live to enjoy every moment.

Hello Hive

It is often believed that the environment surrounding us have a lot of impact on how much inspiration we can get. No wonder some artist paint by the lake or you have to sit quietly in the garden to get some adequate flows of words for your writing purposes. Children who grow up in decent families are usually humane and comely, speaking kind words and living a moral life, but I really do wish those coming from homes where parent make like look like a horror movie some peace of mind, they will need lots of help to be inspired for a positive living.

How and where I got the inspiration for writing these is not far fetch.
And even in a perfect world there are still a few who are still possessed with the fear of what the future holds for them. If ever they will fulfil their dreams and get the best kind of life they desire.


Here is a short story of the girl behind the black head machine

Trapped in an adolescents body that negates the "young shall grow rule" and still looks under 20 even though she has passed the mid twenties.

Do you still remember the bible verse referring to Christ as someone with "No looks to attract our eyes"(Isaiah 53:2).

Maybe she is somehow just like that without any form of comeliness unless you decide to break the edge and see what lies within the shell.

Working behind the black head machine also radiates some moments for thought not just the brain that twists things around bringing out the creativity you see.

To cut these thoughts short, an mp3 player is often on and the lyrics from the playing music's orderly arranged according to preference to soothe the mind and ease some anxiety imaginations and negative thoughts that chips in every now and then


What could her thoughts be if not the major fear of what the future holds.

The past has had it major troll on the present and the present holds a key to determine what the future will be,but are there enough opportunities to work through/work out what/how the future she pictures will be?

At every step or ladder of life she climbs the fear of the unknown and what the future holds makes her forget to savour the moment, Imagination and too much thinking grabs the other of the day at times until eventually she coils up in bed and surrender to nature in a good nap.



To generalize it

A few of us are often gripped with the fear of what the future holds.
If you are able to go to school you wonder if you will graduate with a good grade, another fear sets in when you go out for job hunts especially in country with very low opportunity of pursuing your career.

That's is settled and now you are worried about a suitor, will it happen with you also, will you find someone who will love and respect you the way you are?

Some even worry about their shapes and physical appearance, you can't go out without a makeup just because of a suitor hunt 😂😂😂 you worry that you don't have an oval face or a model shape, well good luck with surgeries 🤔

You dive into different relationships only to see the different kind of human beings God has created.

The good bad ugly wicked inhuman...
(Add yours)

Should I add more?

If yes there is more fears ahead

Another is if you are going to be on good standing with your mother-in-law and your husbands family.
You need to hear this kind of stories in Nigeria to know how pathetic those relationships can become.


A lot of fear often lies ahead but there is a way out

Only you can help yourself just like i did with me.

I decided to leave in the moment and enjoy every phase I find myself in with no fear.

Often times I am lost in long thoughts and imaginations and the only solution was to get my hands busy with sewing while I play good spirit lifting songs.

I decided to accept things the way they are, I accepted my life body shape limitations and every other things that weigh me down.
In poverty or riches I must smile
In sickness or health I must be strong, those were my resolutions and i became a better me.

What a rollercoaster of emotions, I wanna keep a high spirit so I can lift others up.
If you feel touch reach out to someone who feels inferior and teach them how to live their best lives.



While waiting,There is something you can do

While waiting for your dreams to unfold, there is something you can to, while waiting for that vision to manifest why not keep busy?
That lead me into learning fashion designing, something I had dreaded for years, momma bought the black head machine and encouraged me to, but then I can't imagine a scientist like myself sewing clothes 😂😂😂.
That machine is my greatest asset today and I bless momma's soul everyday for this investment.

While waiting for the day I will come to the spotlight I will keep busy, skillfully and character wise enjoying every moment as it unfolds.



And I hope you have been enjoying the sights of my designs and training practicals all along

Putting all my lovely high low flowery dress took me about 30mins to cut and something more than that to sew that, with no special patterns in mind I just flow along how I imagine this should look on me but I had a long break in between when these words flowed within me and i had to pen all of it down.
Less I continue working and forget my lines.


And a cup of turn-brown (Locally mixed soya beans tea) added some savour that perfected the time and work.



I can never forget these or the day I decided to live and enjoy every moment of my life.

Hope you had fun reading and you can relate with these, be kind enough drop a short summary of your story.


Its an honour to be a part of this challenge 🌹💐🏵💐🌸🌳🌺🌲🌼🌷🌱🌺


In sickness or health I must be strong, those were my resolutions and i became a better me.

I really loved this. It was a joy reading and getting to know the lady behind the black head machine.

I wanna keep a high spirit so I can lift others up.
If you feel touch reach out to someone who feels inferior and teach them how to live their best lives.

Such a selfless and wonderful suggestion :)

I am so glad you are apart of this community. You bring such a sweet and pleasant presence here and it’s always enjoyable.

Like you, I love doing my work while listening to uplifting music.

Keep up the great work and thank you for joining the contest ~ ❤️


There is always something to worry about and something we can do to live our best lives in the moment. Also, reaching out to others is a great way to impact and distract our worries, probably. This was what I got. Thank you for this.


Thanks for the addition.
I cherish this point too.


what the future holds makes her forget to savour the moment

This happens to a lot of us. Our head trapped in what the future holds that the present seems to pass by without our notice.

It's nice that while waiting for your future to unfold you're still doing something very productive that make even be part of the future you're waiting for


👯👯👯👯💃💃💃💃 exactly sis.


Believing in ourselves is the best pass to success. Greetings from Venezuela 😁