NeedleWorkMonday Quarterly Report II/2020 - Three Months of Posts in Numbers

Here it is, our first quarterly report. You will find a lot of numbers here, let's hope you'll find them as interesting (and awesome) as we do!

What you won't find here: who wrote how many words and got how many votes etc. - that's not what we're interested in. This post shall celebrate the 'complete work' of all of us that contributed to the NeedleworkMonday!

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In the last quarter there were quite a number of Needleworkmonday posts: *175 posts by 44 people. The most stalwart writer made 13 posts, but several others were nearly as prolific. Only 116 of these posts were posted via our community - let's try to raise that this quarter!

The sum of the rewards were 1959.64 Hive - that's a formidable amount that shows that others recognize our commitment to our crafts :)

An impressive quantity of words were dedicated to talking about our hobby, with the highest number of words in a post being 1871. A lot of the longer posts were in two languages - some needleworkers went to great efforts to make their posts available in their native language as well as in English. The total sum of words was 89976 - you can all be proud of that! Do you think we can top that in this quarter?

Not all of us have such observant assistants like @minismallholding or @fotostef

Most posts were dedicated to one craft, quite a number of us are "monogamous" with only doing one kind of needlework (or at least only posting about one craft at a time). But there was one post where FOUR crafts were mentioned!

The main crafts were:

  • crochet with 65 posts,
  • sewing with 56 posts,
  • knitting with 20 posts and
  • embroidery with 18 posts.

Other posts were dedicated to the most diverse topics, from weaving and mending to making jewellery and accessories.


And here is the list of all that participated in the second quarter of 2020:
@afkoelen, @afrikablr, @akipponn, @albanyg12, @anela, @arrliinn, @barbara-orenya, @carolinacardoza, @cassidydawn, @danielles, @debbie-ese, @elinorrg, @erikah, @fabianaporteles, @fiberfrau, @fotostef, @inici-arte, @jluvs2fly, @june21neneng, @jurich60, @lordvdr, @marblely, @maribelf, @marleyn, @mers, @minismallholding, @monica-ene, @murliwala, @muscara, @neumannsalva, @phoenixwren, @purplealyss, @ramsesuchiha, @romeskie, @rowee22, @sarimanok, @sheilamenher, @starjewel, @tahiaarq, @tesmoforia, @travelgirl, @wenchebakken, @wondermaey, @xeliram

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#NeedleWorkMonday founder: @crosheille 🧶

Hostesses (admins): @muscara, @shanibeer and @marblely 🧵

🌷 This report was written by @muscara 💻🖱✍🏻

Our Motto: Support & Inspire!



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I love that you guys count up all of the numbers!

Go go go needleworkers! These past few months, I've been looking at statistics more than I ever did in my entire life. This is one of those that made me smile while I was reading.

So happy to see these numbers. Very uplifting and encouraging!

Im so glad i am part of that statistics eventhough im a newbie...thank you so.much!! Power!

Ohhh I love this! Now we have to calculate the sum of the digits, multiply it with 23 and then we will reveal the date when @needleworkmonday will rule the crafting scene hive world.

Wow! Such a number, Congrats Needleworkmonday Community.

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So cool be part of this community and you are all awesome needle workers...