Comedy crafting during summer slump

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After finishing the Karlene blouse I am in a crafting slump: I jump uninspired from one knitting project to the next, only knitting a few stitches, I decided on a new summer dress to sew but stopped mid tracing only to start a different sewing project (copying an existing dress, did not work out, looks like sh**). Now I am at crossroads, should I show you some projects I finished weeks ago but never let you know, or should I show you the jumbled mess of unfinished projects?
Knowing me the answer is clear: mess it is :-DDD

old neckline34.pngI could'nt resist to show one finished object :-D

Let’s start with the sewing. Some weeks ago, I lamented about the extreme hot weather and while sweating profoundly decided I need an airy new summer dress. Exactly at the right moment the new summer edition of fibremood was published (hey there! Fibremood, I am again promoting you; don’t you want to pay me? PEAAAAASEEEE? :-DDD) and the right dress instantly found: Colette. (Writing down gives me goose bumps, I fear women’s names in sewing are my real nemesis, not woven fabric)

Colette is a long and wide dress with spaghetti straps, a fake buttonband and french seams, made of – ahhhh yes… WOVEN FABRIC. All designer elements I have never tried out before, so I decided to persuade Silvi (who also has never done this) into sewing the dress together with me… I thought it would be much more fun if two people despair over a pattern. Maybe I am not a good friend…

old neckline33.png

The first step into the sewing journey is the nicest one in my view; visiting the fabric store.
We prepared with sunscreen, water and cool packs (remember, weeks ago, hot weather) to walk appr. 200 m to the fabric shop. Here we donned the obligatory face mask and dived into the wonderland of pattern and color. Only to emerge more than an hour later very annoyed and even sweatier. The shop seemed to be in silly season design-wise. Most fabrics had such strange patterns and colors that they provoked migraines by looking at them. But even more annoying was the fact that all fabrics we found acceptable were see through.

Be greedy buy everything30.pngwanted the left one, bought the right one

Last resort was a muslin in dark colors and with dots. Not very cheery or arty, more a practical solution. Silvi was the lucky finder and opted for a moss green, I took the lovely black :-DDD.
Unsatisfied with this fabric found I searched a bit more and I imagined, I could copy the dress I love wearing (a kind of skater dress in a sturdy jersey, you can see it on a later photo). Steeled with this excuse, I bought some more fabric, in… lovely black. But this time a jersey fabric :-DD

old neckline32.png

Back at Silvis studio we started to trace the pattern only to realize that the sizes are not corresponding with our measurements (as always). We both opted for the bigger size, because you know, making something big smaller is definitely easier than the other way around.
Because of the weather or general injustice, my head was pounding, and I only took photos while Silvi worked on the dress pattern. Mine is still only ¾ traced and waits in a dark folder beneath my sofa until I finally decide to finish it.

Be greedy buy everything29.pngThis is the dress I want to copy... after several years it got a bit small

But instead I started a new project (believe me I cringe inwardly while writing this!!!) the copy-cat dress. Should be easy I thought. I have made several dresses with stretch fabric. Stretch fabric is my friend. Easy. EASY!!!!! I took the still sweaty dress from wearing it in the garden (it is already next day, headache was better - info is just for your orientation) fetched some transparent paper and tried to copy the seams. Still (half) clever I also fetched an existing dress pattern I already had made once and compared it with the thing I had sketched. I added the bust darts from the bought pattern and adjusted the armholes a bit, as I remember them to be on the smaller side. Next clever move was to cut this self drafted pattern not from the new jersey fabric but make it out of discarded old men’s shirts.

Kopie von Design ohne Titel4.png

Shall I say more? It does not fit. Shoulders are to wide, the back-neckline gaping (not on the photo), the bust darts too low, the waist too wide. Hurray what a success. And I look so lovely on this photo 🤢🤮🤢. But I am persistent. I pulled the beast over my head and tried to incorporate all my adjustments. Sadly, I only afterwards thought about it, that they will add up, meaning: By manipulating the armhole height and the bust darts in one go, the latter now sat beneath my armpits. And as I made the waist, the back and the shoulders smaller, I looked as if I should turn green and explode out of this second version of the dress'es body (Hulk allusion, you know) I effaced myself from taking another photo although this could have been my great breakthrough as a comedian….


But, dear needleworkers, persistence. I made a third version. From a new shirt. And with a new pattern. But, as I told you at the beginning the force slump is strong in this one, the cut-out parts are strewn over the carpet of my study and I still have no idea if this will fit in any way.

I wish you all wonderful summer (or other) holidays (or workdays)…:-DDD I will be back in roughly 3 weeks.
Love you all.

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Ah crafting slumps, we get that every now and then, sometimes too often. Take your break and you will come back refreshed with new ideas to get them going :)
Love the green cardigan :) It is really smart to use discarded men's t-shirt as the experiment fabric. Don't give up! Keep trying but take your summer break first. You will find the perfect fit in time :)
Enjoy your break. Will miss you for 3 weeks <3

Thank you for the support <3 and I could not stop completely, so here I am on Monday having a glimpse at all the lovely posts.
And the idea with the old shirts is from the sewing teacher who helped me with the Karlene blouse. I also find it very clever (but you see I still have problems to get garments fitted).
Sending you summer holiday vibes 🌈🌺🦋

Making dresses is so much work, I congratulate you for your patience and perseverance! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for your support. I often read blogs about sewing and there are so many sewist who seem to make garments effortless.... sigh. Not me.... I guess I have a lot to learn (especially with fitting)

Welcome! You are talented so I am sure that learning the tricks of the trade will be a walk in the park for you. 5 years from now or even sooner you will be amazed of what you accomplished!

slowly and silently offers a cookie

Takes the whole package and runs away....🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪

At last, you have finished items then.

Yes, a pair of crochet socks for my husband and the crochet cardigan. And the crochet socks are very funny (I went crazy on the colors). I hope to write about them after the break, as it is the first crochet sock pattern I tried and found it lovely.

Success comes eventually to those who stubbornly refuse to give up!

Hmmmm than I should have better results as I feel very stubborn. Perhaps the fabric simply does not understand that it should bend to my will 😂😂😂

I agree.

I hate it when crafting slumps happen. I have made a few dresses before and I wish you luck with your pattern making.

Thank you for the support and I am sure I need luck with sewing... it does not come natural to me, especially the fitting part. I still make crazy mistakes 🤪😂

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Some days, when I am in a slump, I simply read, dream and pretend that I am going to make something fabulous . . . when the slump is over.

Yes, dreaming!!!! I always imagine so lovely garments, but I need someone to teach me how to sew them :-DDDD

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THank you some much for choosing my post and for your awesome curation work. It is strange to not write today for me, but I will have a glimpse at all the other posts <3 <3