Foundation Double Crochet

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On my previous videos, I showed the basic crochet stitches - chain, single crochet, double crochet, and treble crochet. You have also learned about half double crochet on my second video for the Basic Crochet Stitches Tutorial. On this video, let me show you how to make the foundation double crochet.

Form-wise, the foundation double crochet is the same as the basic double crochet stitch. The difference is the method how you form each stitch. The finished row of the foundation double crochet is slightly stretchy making it perfect for necklines on dresses or shirts.

How to make a Foundation Double Crochet

  1. Start with a loose slipknot. This counts as one chain.
  2. Make two more chains.
  3. Yarn over, then look for the "V" formed on the side of the loose slipknot. These "V" will be equivalent to the foundation chains if you were to make the basic double crochet stitch.
  4. Yarn over and pull through the V. Yarn over but instead of pulling through 2 loops, pull just 1 loop. This is so you can form another V for our next stitch. You should have 3 loops in your hook.
  5. Yarn over and pull through two loops as you normally would in a double crochet. Yarn over one more time and pull through two loops. That's your first double crochet stitch for the foundation double crochet row. It may not look like much at first but after two or three stitches, it will show its beautiful form.

Repeat 4 and 5 until you reach your desired length.

And that is how you create a Foundation Double Crochet. You can use this if your project requires a little bit stretchiness especially on the edges. I also use this when I am unsure how long my project needs to be, like the crochet belt that I crafted a couple of months ago.

Thank you for watching my video!


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