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A blogger I follow on youtube, @joeysewy, has just been sponsored by Tailornova, an innovative custom design software for creating your own dressmaking patterns.

To celebrate, Jo is offering a discount code for Tailornova subscriptions, which range from $15 dollars for five pay as you go downloads (the first two are free) to a special early bird price of $29 per month or $279 for a year for subscriptions.

There is also a contest, where you can post pictures of anything you have made using the Tailornova software until Sunday 16 August 2020. Everyone who participates will be entered into a draw for some sewing goodies and a voucher to spend in an online fabric store anywhere in the world.

The coupon lasts until 31 July 2020.
Full details at the JoeySewy website

Jo Cooke, the woman behind JoeySewy, has used Tailornova to create a special dress for a wedding for herself and a prom dress. She is also doing a series of videos about how to use Tailornova. This is a good walk-through:

In the video, Jo starts with some inspiration pictures and then uses them to take you through using the software. Tailornova is still in beta, so not everything is there yet, and some things don't work quite as they should, but all the basics are there to get started.

For each garment that you choose to design, there's a technical or line drawing and then the pattern pieces on the right. Each time you choose an option, the line drawing and pattern layout changes to reflect the option.

There is also a scary 3D model choice, which I tried to start with, but found that everything looks like a sack on her, so I decided to stay with the line drawing and pattern.

200713 dress.png
Here's my trial of putting together a typical day dress of the style that I wear all the time. You can see what I mean about the 3D model!

I addition to being able to put together all the design features that you like, you can also add your own custom measurements. This is fabulous for all of us who don't conform to standard dress sizes. You can either add your own complete set of measurements, or choose one of the standard sizings (European, North American, British, Japanese and Russian sizes are given) and then adapt the measurements accordingly.

The next video in Jo's series will be about adding your own custom measurements to the software (the video will be available soon). Meanwhile, Jo has done a video about how to take your measurements, especially when there is no-one around to help you.

I found it reasonably easy to get all my measurements, even the back width, but I haven't tested how accurate they are yet by making a garment using them!

Screenshot 234.png
I have enjoyed starting to develop my patterns, though, and I've saved a couple using my own custom measurements. There's lots of other facilities as well - adding colour and fabric texture, adjustable seam allowances, pattern layout schema for different widths of fabric etc.

I also found this review by Annika Victoria - useful and interesting, and using the 3D model does show a different aspect of the pattern which wasn't obvious from the line drawing or pattern pieces. (It also has an ad for squarespace.com in the middle - aggrating but it doesn't last for long).

Annika Victoria is making a knit top, which introduces other useful features about Tailornova including a stretch guide to test how stretchy your knit is. She also does a good review of the sewing instructions that come with the pattern and suggests that a beginner sewista might struggle a little. You can see, too, where the website is still developing - the pattern came with facings for a sleeveless top and sleeves. These will get sorted out over time, especially as the website is used by more people.

THe woman behind Tailornova is from the fashion industry and is very passionate about slow fashion and creating clothes that fit you properly in the designs that you want to wear - so you do, for a long time. I'd be really interested to hear other views from needleworkmonday posters - @neumannsalva, any use to you ? :D



That sounds fascinating - I definitely will take a look at that! A monthly or yearly subscription would be too much, I think that's more for those that sew professionally or at least semi-professionally. But if you look at the price of patterns or even magazines like Burda, then $15 is not that much for some basic patterns that you can reuse. And I like buying something in an early stage in projects to support that, I tend to do that on the blockchain as well (the last of that is Exode).

Or I could make a present of that - my sister's birthday is in August, and she started sewing clothes last year after decades of quilting :)

For the knitters: there is a similar service for sweaters called CustomFit. They have a bunch of different patterns for sweaters and cardigans. You choose one, take your measurements and knit a small test to get a good gauge. Afterwards you get a pattern calculated exactly to that yarn and your size. They have subscriptions, too, but I can't remember the price - I made one cardigan with that years ago, but I'm not a sweater knitter.

Thanks for telling us about it, have a !BEER

For the knitters: there is a similar service for sweaters called CustomFit. They have a bunch of different patterns for sweaters and cardigans. You choose one, take your measurements and knit a small test to get a good gauge. Afterwards you get a pattern calculated exactly to that yarn and your size.

That sounds like bliss!

I agree - 2 of the 3 paper patterns I bought recently cost about $17 each (the last one was $6 from a bargain box), so $15 less discount, less 2 free downloads, comes to less than $2 dollars a download! Bargain!

Thanks for the beer :D Have some !ENGAGE 25 (let's see if it works).

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Very cool offer for customers and really cool software. @sreypov has done a bit of garment making in Cambodian factories. In Cambodia many people with their own sewing machine make garments from home, and a website like this would be a game-changer over there for work-from-home garment makers.

Yes - potentially transformational for home sewistas and people who want to earn a living.


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So, head is a bit better (or my excitement so big) and I looked into the software. And know I need an account!!!! Could this be the answer to all my ill fitting dresses? I already put in my measurements only to notice that the 3-Dmodel is only available with a paid account... and they do not have paypal, so I have to wait for my husband to arrive as we currently do not know the location of our credit card (oh noooo, me and patience).
I was impressed with the possibility to enter belly or back silhouette, and hope in future they will include even more body varieties (especially for people who have disabilities which are not catered to in sewing magazines).
I played around with a flared dress (no wonder) and was delighted about the options they offer. But the other big project - a pair of trousers - did not look so nice. Either I do not understand the software good enough, or there is no option to change the height of the rise. This is one of the major problems I have with sewing patterns (and bought trousers) the trousers are all to high up, I want them to sit a tad under my bellybutton not at my natural waist which is super high... Did you look into trousers or skirts? Did you find a possibility to change the rise or other details (besides the waistband) of the trousers? And did you even printed a pattern (for the dress you are playing with)?
Question over questions :-DDDD Sorry, you have risen my out of the summer slump :-DDD

I'm glad you are feeling better :)
Those are good points that you make about body varieties: I've read or heard in one of the videos that they want to be body inclusive, so that would be good feedback for them.

I looked at the trousers, but like you, I couldn't see a way to change the trouser measurements. Also, you are not asked for the relevant personal measurements. I'm guessing this is a later and we will have to content ourselves with dresses and tops for now. I haven't tried the skirts yet. I'm impatient, too, and I want a finished design before I have done all the preparatory work!

I think the software has potential, though, and the improvements we would like are things that we need to feed back through joeysewy. I think that is one of the reasons she was approached about bring sponsored (my speculation only), because she sews and has access to a wide group of sewistas who are not models and can provide useful feedback.


I was able to pay the account and created a 3D model with my measurements... not sure if this was a good idea 😱

If the dress would look like this, I instantly stop sewing.No idea why the dress has so much ease on the model, especially at the armholes and sleeves (I used medium stretch and semi-fitted)
I am hooked on playing with the model. I fear I have to come back and write a short post.

If the dress would look like this, I instantly stop sewing.

😂 I thought the same thing! I decided to hide it. Nothing looked flattering on it.

Can't wait for the post 😁

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