DIY Face Tissue Box__ Making Use of Damaged Handy Bag

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Hello everyone! I would like to share to you my personalized face tissue box. I was arranging my bags and looked for something useful for my next project. I had been planning to make a miniature couch for a tissue holder.


But I found my old bag which was already in bad condition due to long storage. The good thing was that the body was still but the glue got loose.

Therefore, it was easier for me to detach the other end.


I segregated the linings for future use. Looking at how the glue was managed explains what caused the damage. They should have glued it end to end, huh!


I divided the first part into two as well as the opposite site then the cover will go for the side cover of the box.

I used #10 nylon twine and a big sack needle because the leatherette was a thick one.


I used a shoe box to make a case and made the necessary adjustments.



It's just the exact size for my paper towels.

See,it has a classy look!

Thank you for dropping by my page. I hope you liked it

Till then,



Wow! Hang galing galing mo Sis! Superb idea...hang ganda. Nagamit talaga kung sa iba pa yan tapon na gid ya yan.

Sayang kasi sis. Maganda pa kasi natuklap lang ang gilid la pa tatsa ba. Napuslan pa jud. Medyo nahirapan ako sa pagtahi at pagtusok dahil makapal but it's worth it.

This is super clever! I would never believe that a box would look so well lined with good material. You are very skilled, I am in love with the result 💖 A 💖

Thank you! A little imagination creates good results. LoL! Thank you for dropping by.

Creative use of something that would have been thrown in the garbage bin already. Good for the environment too. Nice work po. :)


Thanks dear. Indeed. Maganda pa Kasi ang materials at magagamit mo pa.

Yes! Magandang araw! :)



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Thank you!

You're welcome!

Galing mo talaga sister. Gandang tip para gawin ng ina. So creative.

Yes sister. Kesa itapon, gawing makabuluhan at mapakinabangan.

You remind me of my broken bags and some shoe boxes that end up in the trash. A great idea. Thanks for sharing @sarimanok :)

You're welcome! That would be great my dear. Set aside the lining too. You can use it if you like to make a pouch too.

This is a brilliantly recycled item in terms of effort, compassion, and environmental stewardship. Sis, your hands are truly golden.

Thanks dear. Creative mind starts when you're willing to do it sis. Thanks for your time.

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