A Coloured Impression of one of my favourite cartoon characters; "Homer Simpson"

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So far, I've shown a few number of people this particular coloured sketch and most of them think it's animated.
It took a lot of convincing using the drawing procedures to get them to believe I did it. To me, the sketch is not that realistic, only interesting.

I woke up this morning not that early actually and thought of my favourite Matt Groening character for reasons unknown to me. And after much pondering, I realised I hadn't ever, not once made a portrait of Homer Simpson..😢
And so without hesitation, I got up from the bed, coloured pencils in hand and scribbled down on paper one of the dumbest cartoon characters Matt ever created; "Homer Simpson".

My favourite line of his is 'D'oh' which he always says after realising he's done something stupid..lol. Directly above is a link to a short clip I sourced on YouTube, a 3 minutes collection of D'ohs.
I initially wanted to make a more complex sketch of Homer and Bart after he says his usual; 'why you little!' and strangles him but I guess I'll leave that for another day.

This particular impression is one in which Homer is salivating. Usually this happens when he sees Donuts or Beer. he always sheepishly says the name before mumbling hmmmmmm


...I made this sketch using these processes...








I'd really love to rear your comments on this one, feel free to leave them below.

Thanks for the visit folks.


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