A Pencil Impression of "Walter White" from 'Breaking Bad' - the series.

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This is the second Bryan Cranston drawing I'll be making. The first was coloured and didn't get much attention.

I made this particular impression with my 10B Bianyo and honestly speaking, I love it😁.
I made sure I took my time on it, to drive out certain details.
I was seeing James and Dave Franco's "The Disaster Artist" which was entirely about a work by Tommy Wisseau the other day with my brother for the third or fourth time I think. And there was a scene where Bryan Cranston made an appearance offering "Greg" - Dave Franco a Lumberjack role in a very popular series, one I myself really admire "Malcolm in the Middle".

So while I was scrolling through my gallery searching for ideas to impress with my pen I stumbled upon this figure of Bryan from the 'Breaking Bad' series where he played the role of Walter White (initials - W.W).
This particular role of Bryan in the series really shows us how vain we are deep down, it's really something to think about.


The Drawing Procedures...







Thanks for stopping by.....much love from here 🌹


wow he really looks great I really loved the season Baking beds what was really amazing


!giphy great work

Thanks friend 😊

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Ahh this is a brilliant work of Mr. Walter White 👌 Keep up the good work!!