A Seth Rogen Pencil Impression

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I've seen a lot of comedy in my lifetime and I can say that one thing I really like about comedians is their belief in themselves and their inexhaustible ability to understand that everyone is different and that difference is uniqueness encapsulated.

I was seeing a 2013 movie I think a while back, a very wide collaboration of artists. I'm sure you must have heard of it or seen it, it's titled "This is the End". And in it many crazy stuff happened. That is just one of the many collaborations Seth Rogen has had with James Franco.
My personal favourite of their movies happens to be 'The Interview'. A movie about the Korean dictator, a comic one actually. Quite funny how genius comedy attracts criticism.

I'd intended to make this sketch like my usual blur shadings but somehow my mind was asleep and I couldn't really drive out the tones I wanted.

If by chance you've not seen any of his movies, I suggest you do, they're quite interesting. I've personally seen over a dozen of them cumulatively but wouldn't want to make a list cause what suits me might invariably not suit you.

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....these are the drawing procedures....







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