My First "Sylvester Stallone" Impression

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I have come to love my 10B Bianyo and with it I am learning to make lighter sketches by the day, what an irony.
You know growing up, I heard the name "Rambo" more times than I could even really count and at some point, for years even. I didn't know the name of the person who played that character. All I heard was;
'hey dude, Rambo's in this movie, go watch it'

The kind of acting Sylvester Stallone and his friend Arnold Schwarzenegger (whose portrait I'll be making in a bit) practice is quite peculiar to their physique and I'm really glad they were discovered, else the 70s and 80s would've lost great talents.

Due to my artistic nature, I've come to settle for (after so many years) comedy and satirical works. I don't get freaked up with action movies probably because I've seen so much Stallone as a kid and I refuse to get
But I must say that there are still action movies that blow my mind, those whose plot are not streamlined to kidnapping or revenge.

This is actually my first ever portrait of Stallone and I would love to get feedbacks, do help out by leaving a comment below.
Thanks in advance..


these are the forms the sketch took before completion..






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Wow, nice work

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