Chewbacca - From StarWars

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From my StarWars art series, I present to you my new art work of one the legendary characters in the Star Wars movie by name Chewbacca. He is usually referred to as "Chewie" by his close friends and was a kind hearted dude.

Chewbacca, who is full of hairs like that of a lion, is a Wookies warrior and was among the Rebels group on the Clone Wars who restored freedom to the galaxy.

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The drawing was done with a blue ballpoint pen on a cardboard paper. My steps are below:




Thank you.


looks scary indeed 😁🙏♥️

Yeah, he might look scary, but he's a friendly dude and an easy going guy.

Ok I will keep that in mind ⁦✌️⁩😀🙏

All right.👍

cool pen art =) ahaha=)

Thanks dear.

Woow esta genial tu dibujo bro

Thank you!

I just love your artworks.. :)

Thank you dear. I'm glad you love my works.

excellent work of art in bolirafo, that portrait was also done by me a few months ago it was interesting to see the perspectives that you gave greetings and success

Wow! Really? How come I didn't see it? Thank you my fellow pen artist.